White Lies About Black Lives Matter

I will discuss 3 pervasive white lies associated with Black Lives Matter (BLM). Those of White Privilege, the complicity of White Silence and the general makeup of the White Race. This is the second entry in a series that began witch The Roots of Black Lies Matter. Though I intend them to be able to stand alone, links shall be provided.


It is just privilege, a subjective term that does exist. Some that have it happen to be White. Is living in the Whitehouse, being the most highly paid couple in the entertainment industry or a record setting athlete a privilege? By limiting privilege to a select class of people the president of the most powerful country in the world can praise BLM for speaking truth to power, since his blackness renders him unable to wield power. It enables one half of the most well paid couple the entertainment industry to boldly declare support for BLM and Feminism while touring in Europe, because as a Black-female she is doubly powerless. It is how a record setting tennis player can win in Wimbledon, watched by the aforementioned couple, hold her fist up in a sign of rejoicing and Black power and yet have people argue that other tennis players make more than her in endorsements because of racism handicap. How many of you, white or not, are more privileged than these 3 examples?

To the argument that it is not about ones actions are character but others assumptions that defines privilege. It’s true, People make assumptions. If I have a math problem and decide to ask the random Asian walking by only for them to get it wrong, where is the privilege there? Assumptions can yield negative or positive results.

Is it mostly negative for blacks? A regular example being that they cannot walk into a store without feeling others may assume they are a criminal due to the disproportionate level of crime committed by people of said skin colour. People profile. Feelings are not an argument, nor can they make you something you are not. Little concern is spared for the feelings of people assumed to be racist due to how a small percentage of white and black people held a larger number of black and white people enslaved generations ago. If what other black people do currently should not be applied to how people perceive you, then why do perceive them on things that happened in the past? If you did not or do know my race what assumptions would you or have you made after reading this far?

It is a lie. This is not about race or privilege.

An old friend that was over for dinner on the day of the BLM protest mentioned in the introductory post. Various subjects including BLM came up and he mentioned being aware of his white privilege. I quickly excused myself and asked for some clarification. As a Straight Male did my privilege outweigh his as a gay one? If yes, did we then have to re-tally our privilege points as he was American and I Kenyan by citizenry? This could have gone on for a while. As I said to him, we all have privileges, disadvantages and challenges. The most one can hope for is to be as successful at doing what exactly it is you want to do.


As many of the BLM protests are, the one mentioned above, was a multi-racial event. Whike crossing through I noticed signs referring to White Silence.(Dun-Dun-Dunnnnn! In Charlie Chaplin style silent movie subtitle cards of course) This term is… well let me try and explain why this would be perplexing if I believed this had anything to do with race and reason.

BLM demands more room be made for black people to speak, as they are the only ones who can understand black issues being, themselves black people. If factual would White Silence be part of the problem or solution? If ‘living black’ is a prerequisite to speak about the black condition then shouldn’t whites be silent? Inversely if White silence is a problem then how would anything they say have validity as they would lack what one needs to properly understand and articulate the issues at hand?

This appeal to authority is a familiar tactic. I seen it used by other faith based movements such as modern feminism when they say Men cannot speak about Women’s issues, admonish any for trying to for participating in the sin of Mansplaining and that more room should be made for female voices. Who should empower and make this room for them? Why men of course. If one must be X to speak about X issues, then blacks or females being neither white or male would disqualify themselves to speak about what these oppressor groups experience and/or be able to speak about.

HeforShe… oh how about WhiforBLM?

The lie of white silence is absurd. White people have the privilege of being damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Speak? Racist! Silent? Racist enabler! Move away? White flight! Move back? Gentrification! Want to enforce immigration laws in your country? Racists who don’t care about brown and black people! Want to go to other countries and get involved? Imperialist oppressors who want to change and steal from black and brown countries and cultures! A small percent participate in the global practice of slavery? All today benefit from it and are culpable! A larger percent die in the fight to abolish it? Some of those fighting owned slaves!


BLM does not care about the entire world. Nor do I expect them, or many others to. I agree with those that say ALLLIVESMATTER is patently wrong. Even if possible, outside the general sense of holding humans over other lifeforms, would it be practical and/or positive? We did not evolve in a way that grants us an ability to truly appreciate, value or care for that many people. My Nephew matters more than essentially any other 1 and 8 month year olds, friends more than strangers and at this moment, you dear reader matter more than someone who has not read this. So here is another thing I agree with BLM on, not all black lives matter. Regardless, as humans we know of the world, and can try to take it into account. Black Lives Matter does not.

If a supporter or member did, they would throw out the minority/majority dichotomy they use. Whites are a global minority, by a vast margin. Even if you count White-Hispanics as I was informed George Zimmerman to be… will ever be a white-asian distinction?

If they cared about Africa and not just a minority of issues that a select group of it’s recent descendants currently in parts of the western world, living in predominantly and historically ‘white’ countries and cultures, they would know ‘African’ is not a culture, race or people but a designation of location. North of the Sahara desert is essentially the Middle East by religion, racial makeup and more. South of the Sahara the people do not only vary by region, country but by tribe, and the most popular Sub-Saharan African woman alive today for most of them know is likely ‘white.’

You know where else diversity abounds? Europe.

The insinuation that that there is a sort of black or white monoculture should continue. In Italy you will still find distinct differences in villages kilometres apart. The dialects, customs, foods traditions and more are unique and important to those that live there. There is notable diversity a few kilometres down the road, let alone between the Sicilians living on the Southern Island of Sicily to the Turinese living at the feet of the Alps up North.

This is not about race, it is about humanity.

Now if one is cursed by this trinity of White Guilt yet still wants to help, a potential ‘White-Ally’ unable to speak or be silent may share someone else thoughts.

An example is a post about someones reaction to an old white guy telling ‘a young black female activist that “if he [Alton Sterling] had complied with the officer’s commands he would be alive today.” In an attempt to discredit this ‘conservative’ habit they provide if-then examples to establish their case for ‘a greater cause and effect.’ These began at American slavery in 1619 and ended with ‘a system of violent white supremacy, beginning centuries before its Founding, and continuing up to this present moment’ that explain why the lives of Sterling and Castile ended. That one could provide 14 examples of things white people ostensibly did to powerless black people to show how disgusting it is to suggest a black person had the agency to control something and took no notice of it, used to frighten me.

Over a decade ago I thought similar things. I was wrong. If I shared them, I apologize. I have long since tried to establish the connections and they have proven to be unfounded. People such as Dr. Thomas Sowell have done much more to combat this view that black people are just tools or objects that are acted on, but it persists. Whether through ignorance, complicity, insanity, virtue-signalling or anything else we can ill afford to allow claims like this to go unchallenged. The person who wrote it is wrong. The person who shared it is wrong. It is wrong.

That it was shared under the declaration, “we need to do so much better teaching our own history” is notable. Who is in charge of teaching history, and which of those 14 examples of white power and lack of black agency, go against against the narrative that is taught? Answer this and you be closer to the main source of this and many other problems.

The current combative climate is not entirely about race. It may be an unintended yet somewhat convenient result of those fanning the flames through rhetoric, fear mongering and controlling of narratives, but I do not see a race war. All of us have privileges. Most of us are silent about things we should speak up about. Many of us prefer to be with people we identify with, be it by race, religion, language, fandom, culture or many other distinctions of varying validity. As you read this are can you say you are as successful at what you’ve chosen to do as Barack Obama, Beyonce or Serena Williams are at what they chose. So tell me about how institutionally oppressed by whites that they are. Tell me how white voices empowered them. How their actions are not a result of their agency. Tell me how I need you to empower me. Tell me that and identify yourself as a racist.

Later that night, possibly in reference to a report that 5 black people in Baltimore were shot while attending the wake of a rapper shot night before. It was apparently quite close to some infamous locations during the post Freddie Grey riots, of which 3 officers have so far been acquitted. No video or images have surfaced, BLM protests highly unlikely. I read a comment that the way so many of ‘us’ were dying there may be some government involvement behind it. After overcoming the temptation to wave it off as conspiracy theorizing, in the continued pursuit of the true meanings of things I asked myself what he meant instead of just accepting what I heard/read.

It doesn’t have to mean a false flag, government hitmen or other tin-foil hat scheme responsible for the killings. Could be an awareness of policies that fund, feed-on and foment the environments in which so many find themselves hardly able to live in and too many are certain to die of. If Black Lives Matter was a call to have what they do in their lives matter more, if it was a call to agency, I could get behind that. If it was an awakening to how they are living on a modern day plantation, enslaved to a master who harvests their vote and breeds them, caring for them as a farmer does livestock…

Could the BLM movement be expression of this reality? Is it possible that as long time slaves may not know the language of freedom, there may be a lack of how to describe their situation in a more ‘constructive’ way? My next post will discus my attempt to figure out the motivations behind the Black Lives Matter movement and why what I found unfortunately indicates that many of it’s core members, principles and supporters are in no way awakening to reality and instead when exposed to it are willingly ignorant of or directly opposed to it.


Thank you for reading. Until the next post. No apologies for length as some things need to be said in full.

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