Rant in the Air

Have some drafts of posts to work on but this one came I as more of the rAnt form I used to write. Shall post it before completing the others and or catching up with the developing stories I’ve been following or anything new that happened during the flight so far.


Bloodletting, lobotomies or shock therapy. Who today would accept these ‘treatments’ from their doctors for any of the ailments they were once prescribed for? Most that participated in these treatments from providing leeches, holding patients down as they had lobes sectioned and pinced out to wiping the patients down post electrocution before returning them to the caring relatives that handed them to head wise healers to begin with, meant well. Entire industries of people. This does not mean their means were not horrifically harmful. Apply this to systems today. If the government is populated by entirely by virtuous and selfless people is the method they are going about caring for us valid, healthy, practical or even mostly functional? And how many of you actually have in mind an idea of what ratio of govt workers are virtuous, if you are a civil servsnt and reading this there is at least one because all my readers are amazeballs.

Have you, like I, ever defended some childhood abuse by saying a form of one or all of these I know I was hit but they meant well, they made sure I knew what I did wrong before or after they did it they told me they felt bad and didn’t know any other way. Well that is quite sick. Support it or not people take to the streets in protest in part due to women being asked what she was doing or wearing before an assault but the examples listed above are applied to those with authority over us on a regular basis. The prevalence sadly exists as many have had to rationalize in this way from their early years, and the template persists as they age for other authority figures.

State power, like a leeching, is inherently abusive and immoral and accepted since many of us are rather broken. I am not hoping for armed revolts in the streets today. Surely not. Even less military fueled ones as the one in Turkey. Just be aware of the nature of the state and discuss it with others. There is a scale to the harm. Given the choice I’d take a leeching over a lobotomy. Some states are preferable to others. I’ll take freedom of speech as a guarantee over blasphemy laws enforced by corporal punishment. There are fights to be fought but I believe to truly win, it must be done through minds and not mostly bodies.

Be the no smoking announcement on flights. Not long ago it was common and accepted to smoke on flights. It is not yet common knowledge that it has not been allowed for decades. How long until the announcements and are a long lost memory? Airplanes have a long development schedule, when will the next planes not include smoking signs or detectors? When will society look back an find it somewhat incredulous that there was ever a time something with such potential danger compared to its minute positives ever needed to be prohibited let alone be commonly practiced.


Psst. Taxation is theft.


…not suggesting you break laws though.


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