On Changing Times While Changing Time Zones

I drafted this on Friday the 15th, at JFK airport waiting to fly to Nairobi via Dubai. Some of you may have already read some of my on going series on the Black Lives Matter Movement. More of you reading this are aware of the terrorist attack that took place during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France.

Earlier in the day I read that, presumptive Presidential candidate nominee of the Republican Party, Donald J Trump, decided to postpone announcing his pick of  a Vice presidential running mate due to the ongoing coverage of the attack. Clicked story on Politico and as expected from a left leaning site, the comment section was heavily anti-Trump. Most derided his choice to postpone as cowardice and manipulation of the media. One that it should not matter if he announces since by the next day it will be a brand new news-cycle.

Business as usual.

This is how the system works. Acquittal of a felonious presidential candidate that is already competing with 4th of July celebration coverage? Bumped for a video of a shooting by police, which was then bumped by a partially live-streamed shooting. This built up to protests, bumped for the targeted assassination of police at a protest which competed with the continued protests escalating to riots at places now bumped for the terrorist attack in Nice, France. This is how people live.*

I for one appreciated the sentiment, for however short it lasted.

Trump admitted to be somewhat vengeful and his campaign undoubtedly checks-comment section. Whether it and others had an effect or not, he announced Indiana Governor, Mike Pence as his running mate. In what may be another masterful play candidate, Trump continues to show me and others that it shall not be business as usual. The increasingly deaf, dumb and blind pundits and usual suspects continue to use examples such as this announcement as proof that Trump is not running a ‘real’ campaign entirely missing the point, that that is exactly the point.

This is not business as usual.

After the video of Sen. Pence disagreeing with several of Trumps major talking points, denials about from the campaign that Pence was the pick followed by and Newt Gingriches gloves-of, as if he’d never heard of Political correctness, emotional comments following the aforementioned terror attack, in France he may as I did during the emotion and anger watched one of the videos of the carnage left at the scene… will it be a surprise pick, could Newt? He said the delay would not change his pick, so should we discount everything said after Thursday?

Then he picked Pence.

His choice was someone that some media outlets had discounted after accurately pointing to some key issues Pence and Trump disagreed on. Taking that into account this signals that he is willing to work with people despite difference which your typical candidate may have considered to be insurmountable.

In contrast, a recent New York Times article declared that it did not matter who Hilary Clinton picked. This was accompanied by an image of her walking with a cardboard cutout in the shape of a person tucked under her arm. Whomever it is they’d be with her. As the candidate of the Democrat Party this is mostly right. Their appearance and it’s appeal to certain demographics, matters more than the content of their character. I do not expect the majority left leaning media to roast them with anything close to the fervor they dealt withfor Sarah Palin, for example. I shamefully shamefully some of their gleeful attacks on her VP candidacy. In general the same sources that accused Palin of being a token female repeat candidate Clinton’s “I’m with Her” slogan and dismiss or deride insinuations she may be using the ‘woman card.’ For a more specific example of their insidious and biased nature recall their extensive coverage of a single ‘expensive’ outfit purchased for Mrs. Palin on one occasion in contrast to the relative silence of Mrs. Clinton’s multitude of expensive United Colours of Your Dear Leader collection of Designer Pant-suits.

Back to potential Vice Predidents. Senator Elizabeth Warrens’ name is in the mix, and even though her Twitter activity is viewed by some like me as a disqualifying meltdown, the Dems may consider it a war-cry and tap her in a double downing on trying to get as many female scalps to vote for their party as possible. There are other token cutouts to choose from to seal up different minority voting-blocks. We will know in about a week when the Democrats have their convention.

Ending it here. What say you this Pence pick? A masterful performance by #Trump2016 or sign of indecisiveness? Welcome your thoughts and thanks for reading.image

  • *As I type there is there is a news bulletin reporting an ongoing Military coup in Turkey. Will this be the next bump? In the least Brexiters will have something more to be glad for, as Turkey was making great moves to join the EU. Unsure if it will happen now. EU is likely ending.
  • Since the post there was another shooting of police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Interesting that the media identifies this latest shooter and the one in Dallas as ex-military, eschewing their race or other affiliations declared and held after said service.

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