If Not for My Conscience

Discussing issues around Nairobi It is not common to hear “this is Kenya.” This ambivalence to the way things are is unnerving. Upon first noting years back I began to remark that it was symptomatic of many prevailing issues in Kenya.

Recently I have come across this ‘excusing’ in the United States and have reason to believe it is present worldwide, from the personal to political. Though the knowledge of how widespread this meme seems to be has changed, I unfortunately am ever more sure of its damaging nature.

It may have begun to effect how I approach things.

When it came to my ever reducing consumption of entertainment media, I could once take things apart, compartmentalize. Yeah, Kanye seems like he’d be insufferable to spend a weekend with, but he makes great music. So it may be more misconstrued confidence than arrogance. After all ‘This is Kanye.’ Oh, so now he is dating Kim Kardashian, whose past personal behavior had long since put me off of her or anything related to her family? Of which despite my active avoidance of, keeps being shoveled into sight. Seeing what is happening with her stepfather and the little I’ve gleaned of the brother reinforces that choice as having been a correct one, that environment seems toxic. Do any of them seem comfortable in their bodies? What does it say about ‘Ye when he chooses it? Is this just Kanye? I relatively recently could and did defend the man.

No more.

Even if, actually especially if, it is just Kanye is exactly why I should not overlook his choices for the positive things he may present.

I can no longer in good conscience support people whom are either complicit with, engaged in or in other ways related to immoral things.

Take BLM. If you support it and are declaring a pervasive injustice exists that needs to be addressed. It follows that anyone In disagreement with that is immoral from your standpoint. You should boycott them. Don’t support their endeavors. I support your choice to boycott on those terms.

The afformentioned Mrs. West, in true white ally fashion released opinions in support of BLM. I did not and likely will not read the full composition, but no more ‘Ye. His friends’ wife Mrs. Carter, long time supporter of both BLM and the similar religious blight that is modern feminism is someone I’ve long avoided. Besides a few songs such as Halo and Ego ft ‘Ye(Title and subject of that any being more proof of how I was rationalizing their behavior) but no more! Bye, no more Halo. It is your ego and in extension no more Jay.

NBA Players involved in the ESPY Awards opening?* Done with you. May be done with the NBA entirely shall not watch any of the teams they play on. I propose a list be made. Shall look into it and make one if not there. List of public figures that take social stands. I will boycott until they refute things I consider harmful if not outright destructive to civilization and that fly in the face of actual human progress and denegrate reality.

Shamings happens at different levels.

Typing some of this while watching “Crimson Peak”. Current scene is at a Victorian era ball of sorts and preparing to dance. Tom Hiddleton’s character just asked Mia ‘of the fantastic facial features’ Wasikowsksa’s one to dance instead of his expected paramour for the night. The crowd audibly expressed their disapproval and shock. The idea of expressing disapproval in a non-violent but noticeable way has been lost to some. Let’s bring it back and have it shine a light of comparison on the riotous exaltations of some of the more unsavory types out there. The example was of polite society, who would watch and dissaprove but watch none the less. I propose we be impolitely ignore. Jessica Chastain is in this too. The features, the features!

Having said all this, no time like the present. Here are some on my list. To add to one I find or start.

  • Emma Watson – feminism, specifically for HeforShe. Beauty and the Beast is in my top Disney movies; shall not be watching the live action version. HeforShe? Not for me.
  • Beyoncé – for previously discussed offences andstanding by as her sister assaulted JAY-Z in the an elevator
  • Jennifer Lawrence- you’ve heard her talk right? – I recall she was one of the main people caught up in the large hacking of private celeb emails. I considered it an unfortunate invasion of privacy despite the having cchosen to be paid largely based on he publics’ interest in looking at her and she seemed like a really nice person. I still think it was an invasion of privacy.
  •  Everyone in this article –  Celebrities need Safe Spaces after Trump RNC Speech. Lulz at the DNC announcing a list of celebrity speakers continuing to show how out of touch they are.

May backslide at times, that Halo song though…that hypocrisy though.

Forsha.me is taken. :/

Shall inform you if and when the site goes up. Shall have some parameters such as If they influence fewer people than double their age, they are not targeted. Can’t give a pass for youth because their real life effect.  Emma Roberts has exponentialied down on HeforShe. That’s a lot of minds influenced. Why not WeareUs? These figures should know enough to not throw their considerable weight behind things without taking the time to put in the due diligence required. Parents should also play a part in some cases. This resource may aide that.


  • LA Times made a handy list of celebrities that support candidates. This was likely done in a ‘look who all the cool people like’ manner. Sad.
  • *Oh cripes since this was drafted some WNBA players have thrown in with BLM. I don’t even wish I was watching it in the first place so I could boycott. If they understood how little footing they are standing on for reasons including their participation in a heavily subsidized by the NBA league, they likely wouldn’t have the mentality to support BLM. Then again I should not expect that level of introspection from relatively young and time-constrained athletes. Their challenge is not in the field of analytics.

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