Hillary Clinton’s Twilight

Who did this to her?


I found this image in early June. It headlined what may have been a Time magazine article. It was one of the mainstream outlets. This led me to believe that someone in her camp actually thought this would be a good look for her.

She looks like a character from the Twilight Series if Edward Cullen wasn’t a pedophile and turned someone closer to his age.

DNC is this week and with the e-mail leaks, large protests, several ongoing legal issues, expose films about the Clintons,  a presidential campaign record  over 200 days without press-conference and heading into a full on campaign. Like the above picture, things are not looking good.

Nor is this article.. I’m with Seiz-Her

Meanwhile Donald J Trump is set to have a Reddit AMA.

This is going to continue to be quite a run-up to the election.


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