Imagine Being the Best

Imagine excellence. Not just good but the undisputed best at something. Now imagine this was not a fantasy. What would that feel like, day after day waking up and having reality reinforce that you are the best. How would it effect how you approached other aspects of your life?

This rant came to me while I listened to Mariah Carey’s Greatest Hits album. I was noticing how her vocal godessness could still enchant me and imagine being that stellar at  any one thing. really try and sing along with her and know your inferiority. She was what all aspired to be. There may be others comparable now or before, but I’m currently out of touch and earlier was not born.

With that in mind, is it surprising to see how Diva-like she is in life. She was nigh immaculate at what she did. Is it not plausible that confidence would ebb into other facets of her life? Take this phenomena to the present day and apply it to celebrities at the Democratic National Convention . These people are nowhere near the Mariah’s of their fields, but they are infused with as much if not more confidence that whatever expertise they have in translates to their accuracy in judging social and political issues.

Even though the exact opposite is often the case.

The amount of effort it requires to be a Mariah Carey or Micheal Jordan, requires a  a lifestyle that gives someone little time to be an authority at much else. The more you know of one thing, the less you will of others. This knowledge made me both appreciative of the measured tone in which Jordan chose to discuss the current racial tensions in the USA, “I Can No Longer Stay Silent“and perplexed by Carmelo Anthony’s response to it, in part considering aforementioned ESPY shenanigans.

Then I thought of Jordans.

That symbol, that Jumpman.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 04.09.07

Why was I expecting more from Carmello that I would of someone his age lining/up at a store for the release of the latest Js? They both don’t think of Micheal Jordan the individual. Nor as an Athlete, because they aren’t thinking of his baseball stint where his athleticism and a history did not translate nearly as well. They saw Jordan at game 6, their hero and icon, whose expertise they can place on other things and validate their opinions.

Melo is no MJ. His Airnesses approach shows much of the control and analysis that made him Jordan.

There is an appeal to authority when celebrities engage in politics. This is evident in the inclusion of celebrities at the DNC. Cringe-worthy seeing what their inflated senses of self due to current communication tech makes them say. These people who may have as much if not more positive reinforcement to their ‘exceptionalism’ that only came from Mariah or Jordan levels of excellence mere decades ago. Now not only do they have unrealistic view of themselves, that very same technology grants them a vastly larger stage to share those ideas and opinions they built on this faulty foundation.

I watch this with a macabre interest. Seeing their reactions if and when reality catches up to them. Saw some of it during Sarah Silverman and Sen. Al Franken’s whatever that was as they played for time before the next guest. The look of, ‘love me! I’m right! Follow, cheer, and like me! You know it’s your favorite me, you know I know this… wait… maybe… oh crap…’ Grabs Franken awkwardly trying to hold on to it as reality shimmers into view from behind her fantasy.

  • >>trigger warning<< Video contains fat shaming? Female Objectification. Clowns. Heteronormative lyrics. Exposed midriffs. Stereotypically dressed urban youth #BlackLivesMatter!!!!!! hmm aren’t these supposed to go before the video?
  • UnitedagainstHate : lulz 100 or so more names for the site talked about in the If Not for My Conscienence post. hahahahahha insinuating a large number of the population hateful! trolollo and you rely on people liking you enough to spend money to look at or hear you hahahahahahahahhahaha. You will lose.
  • Oh Hillary, so hip.

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