On Gynocentrism

This is for any interested in delving into human behavior, gynocentrism, how society works and just learning some interesting information and points of views. Glad to live in a time where I can access such debatable material so freely.

To understand this next bit which was a comment on the video that follows it you will only need to understand or allow that the Human species is inherently gynocentric.


Women have been and still are the limiting factor in reproduction. If an evenly gendered village of 100, looses all but one male, it can be repopulated in a generation. If 49 of the women die, it ends. This is hard-coded into our DNA, the strains that accepted this reality the best were the most successful at reproducing themselves. So even if we have reliable non permanent male contraceptive, artificial wombs and ultra-realistic pleasure VR or robots, gynocentrism is in our DNA and foundations of our society. it behooves you to accept this and be aware.

Here is the video my comment below responds to. There was an assertion that with the advent of Large modern states and welfare that this instead of the birth control pill has resulted in runaway hypergamy and a devaluation of ale female relationships and couplings. The state creates a situation where women no longer need men.

Good analysis. You mentioned this somewhat but I’d like to expand on it. Women still need men, it’s just easier for some to use the men collectively through the state to get versus as individuals. Also the part you described about children, always defering to parental figures due to their dependence on them., which would undermine parental authority. The state has become that parent for many. State is mate to the woman, father to the child and adversary to the man. It sucks at all 3 of those things…pretty good at being adversarial, and the resources it provides are not as a result of innate qualities, so women of any quality tend to avoid it, intelligent children out grow it and capable men out produce it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 23.15.18.pngPicture a bellcurve of gynocentrism. Got a standard deviation of Karen Straughans on one end actively combating it’s negative effects and Lacy Greens on the other one glutting themselves in it’s ill gotten spoils. The next deviation are aware of it, have picked a side and actively support their respective vocal advocates. Next deviation are aware and identify with their ends but do not engage much beyond occasionally sharing some material or discussing if the subject comes up. The middle skew to containing or taking advantage of  gynocentrism to whatever extent and are mostly unaware of why.


OK, that’s it for now, shall now share Colltaines videos in which the above one was in response to.

This video was in part to explain some issues people had with this one



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