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The DNC and RNC are over and we now have both major Party nominees from the 2016 Presidential convention. I continue to enjoy this and have even more enthusiasm for the coming months than I did before. A paradigm shift really is occurring. Now on to some thoughts

What does RNC and  DNC stand for?

The last  two weeks of July  the two major political parties of the USA held events to nominate candidates for the democratic election of the next president of the federal republic of The United States of America.* The first letters, Republican and Democratic, Refers to the supporters of political parties that favor the governing structure of a a Republic versus a Democracy.

Second letter stands for National.

Third letter? Well, I heard Congress a few times over these last weeks. By definition people are congregating for a political purpose of nominating … but it is not just delegates. The past events in Cleveland and Philadelphia were Conventions organized by the respective party Committees.

Donald J Trump accepted the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention that was organized by the Republican National Committee, chaired by Reince Preibus.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as chair of the Democratic National Committee right before the Democratic National Convention and is now an ‘Honorary Chair’ in the campaign the Democratic Party’s  presidential nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Coverage

I came back to Kenya to renew my US visa in the contentious climate on the Friday before the RNC. If not for that I may have gone to Cleveland with a recent friend, despite the media driven worries of protests and unrest. Was glad to see how it went.


Republicans United? vs Democrat,Minorities and Celebrities – MSM

Over the weekend in between conventions, I begun to expect the DNC would be chaotically fantastic. It surpassed any predictions I made or read. Really these are historical ties we live in.

The coverage of what happened both inside (from speakers, contents of their speeches and attendees etc the conventions) and outside (from the national and international events, protests and public reception) the respective conventions affirmed my conception of the Main Stream Media and gratitude for alternative sources of information.

It was quite interesting seeing what made it to Local Kenyan media and was known to the few people I discussed with out here while at the same time having access to some international and stateside mass media channels, the Alt media online and friends that are Stateside. One thing they did get right during coverage was the world is watching.

Some Take-aways

-Trump saying that if the Russians or anyone have the +30,000 e-mails deleted form Clintons unsecured server they should release them, may be treasonous, but obtaining and using the server in the first place is not. Main argument for this is that it is not about the content of the e-mails which we have been assured are not related to national security.

-The speechwriting process was a mystery to so many people. One can say a few lines in a speech written for them with someone else that came for a speech written by someone they admire that was in-turn written for that person with someone else that were actually form someone that person admires, and this is plagiarism.

-People believed Bernie believed. Not sure if the believers or Bernie is the sadder part of this.

– Celebrity involvement finally made some sense. Someone taking money for performances making it seem like they know what to do, would want the support and approval a professional performer. These professionals in turn will believe performance to be valuable, reinforced by their lived experience.

If getting paid to perform is good, then surely them taking money for performances is also good and vice versa.

They both agree money is deserved. How its obtained is not of much concern

-Trump wins with 60-65% Who wants to bet me? :::slight correction or edit, this does not account for the 10/15 percent Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is likely to get ::: Republican turnout is higher than usual, Dems lower. Many people have been activated for this cycle that have sat several out. 20% of Sanders support switches to Trump, 5% to the Green Party, 20% sits out. Added to independents and traditionally Dem voters. Expecting at least mid 20s % of Blacks, mid 40s of Hispanics and mid 50s of Women.

Thank y for reading. Comments, discussion and disagreement welcomed.

  • *In Kenya at the moment where it is quite often accurately referred to as the Republic of Kenya. In a darker and ‘inaccurate’ note there is Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. When was the last time you heard the US referred to as a republic versus a democracy?

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