Die for Culture

Was recalling this story to a friend.

There was a tribe of people in northern Kenya. Arid area that is so prne to Drughts,  it may as well be a season.

During one such period of drought, they were sent fish from Lake Victoria in fertile Western Kenya. They refused to eat them.

They said it was not in their culture to eat fish.

Would they rather die for their culture?

Below is an video with Gavin McInnes and Faith Goldy. (whatever is going on with her voice, I like it) Gavin accurately points out that there is a problem of Islamophobia phobia. People would rather risk death than be labeled as an Islamophobe.

So many in the west would actually rather die than be called racist. Which is sad as it shows how horrible they consider racism to be.

That they would rather die than have a preference for their cultures is explanatory of why the West is under such duress. Why other cultures have seen the open doors and have moved in to make themselves at home.

What some of these others and Westerners do not understand, is their home was only great because of the way the people inside it lived. How they built and maintained it.

I am well traveled. I have lived in several buildings. When the things you care for are no longer in the house, it is no longer home. When the people you care about leave, they take the home with you.


This was a draft from before the Bastille Day Terror Attack. Greco-Roman Western culture and those places it has spread to and influenced, are under a challenge. Reestablish itself and renew and strengthen it’s values: Or regress into relative or actual barbarism.

I am not ignoring the horrible state of affairs in places around the world, and that many feel they should open their arms to people from there. Do not discount that there are reasons outside yourselves to why those areas have the issues that they do. Do not ignore that there are certain people that will take advantage of your altruism. Hug yo only to better stab you in the back. If helping the others is what you want to do, Help yourself be the best yo can be. Then ask yourself what is the best way to help.

Where, when, why, who, what and how?

Why was the image of the drowned boy on a Turkish shore publicized more widely than the image above? He has a Wikipedia page, as he should, but when will this child get one?  There is name and short bio piecing together who he was and where he was going. There is very likely much more solid information on what the child above did and wanted to do if their life hadn’t been brought to such an untimely and brutal end.

How are so few noticing these things?

Get out and discuss the current issues. Do not sit and silently let others die for the fear words. Use your words before they no longer have any effect.

Let us know what you think

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