I expected the media to continue it’s attacks on Donald J Trump. Redouble or rexponential them actually. It’s happening.  Shall discuss some of it and why I am ever more certain of Trump’s victory in the upcoming United States Presidential Elections.

 From CNN’s Fareed Zakaria calling Trump a bullshit artist likening him to Hitler ( with Zakarias history with plagiarism, be it accidental or not, I wonder if he took part in denigrating Melania Trumps speech), to other talking heads just resorting to outright insults. Then Hilary continuing to lie openly and dropping most pretenses of this being Identity politics of what people look like.

The Democratic Campaign and the Main Stream Media (may be repeating myself here in most cases) seem to already be scraping the bottom of the barrel in ways to trump #Trump2016.

Then the masterful counter-punches and backfires against their flailing attempts. Trump baiting the media with the asking Russia to release the deleted emails, brings the FBI investigation into the Clinton server back into play. Any that knew of the liability and criminality of them are reminded then talk more about it and/or new people find out. Recalling past issues could connect the dots to the current low esteem they have of Clinton. Creating a sequence of events that will reinforce their dislike or finally make them say enough. The same has been done on several other cases. :

  • Simple photo with Bucket of KFC : This recalls his Cinqo de Mayo Taco-bowl pic. Any racial connotation here to ‘blacks’ exposes the commentators biases, since if you do not like fried chicken and watermelon, something is wrong with you*. It also brings back the Taco-bowl comment in the DNC email leak and some may remember or discover Hillary’s quip about carrying Hot Sauce with her when she was with some African Americans.
  • The Melania on the NYPost : This will not play well with many women. In the past, some female voters may have been more expressive with their sexuality and have now become more reserved wives and women. They may think, ‘What if someone had pictures of me and publicized them when my husband was applying for a job? What possible bearing should these images have on him?’ Many of the pop feminists do not understand that men and women really do want to protect women, not just use them as a tool for power. They admire female sexuality and do not glorify it being being used in this manner. They are not fans of Kim Kardashianesque antics.
  • Corey Lewandolski, “Don’t touch me!” : This is the story that made me see the pattern in the puzzle, leading to writing this. Brings back into play the Michelle Fields incident. The media would like to keep that one quiet but people will say Corey was previously charged for assault. Then find out how spurious the allegations were, and remember how much of a play the media tried to make of that. They will start to wonder how many other things are the media overexagerating. Why are none of these outlets defending other peoples ‘right to bodily integrity.’
  •  In Poll’s we Trust? : First, New voters have been activated and turnout has been high, thus a large number of potential Trump voters may not be within the demos usually answering polls and it should not be taken for granted where Bernie (never was a  Democrat) Sanders’ support will fall this fall. Second, account for the effect of Human vs Digital pollsters. Asked by a human, under the current social climate a voter may feel they would be under attack or disapproval by admitting it to the pollster. among other variables. Last CNN playing down their instant-poll that showed Aericans had a favorable view of Trumps RNC speech; and Reuters/Ipos changing it’s methods which to results that are more favorable to Clinton. Just why? What do they think this will do?

You may be able to think of more examples. This is where it is and there are still 3 months to go. How soon until  broadcast news just play the Benny Hill Theme over all Trump related coverage and make noises like the Charlie Brown teacher, while flicking off the little inset screen showing the footage?

*”I’ll do it for free Chicken!” Oh the the Lulz. Best comedian ever? definitely in my top 3.

>>Trigger Warning<<< Video contains allusion that people have intercourse with mothers: Insinuates there may be something wrong with people : Culturally insensitive remarks on dietary choices : Denegrates the perfectly excellent vegan lifestyle, thus encouraging cruelty to animals #LivestockLivesMatter : Advocates Stalking and food shaming : By saying someone can study outside of school is clearly against Free Education for everyone  >>>end of better late than never Trigger Warning<<<


One thing is for sure, he is memeable.


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