The Potency of Evil

What is the amount of bad that makes something evil?

Depends on what of course.

Doesn’t take much poison into water to consider it a glass of poison.

How much radiation to consider a place irradiated? There is more radiation in Denver, Colorado due to its elevation, than there is in most of Fukushima, Japan.

The following is experienced in some relationships.

Someone may say, that yes she did yell at and belittle me in front of you right now, but most times she is nice. Yes he did ignore my urgent question in favor of watching the recording of some random sports team, but he is mostly attentive. When does that behavior you consider to be an exception become the defining factor. What frequency does  a minor slight become the defining factor of the person. What level of severity must an action be, to overcome all previous positive interactions?

If 99.9% of police interactions do not result in death, what number mean there is an epidemic of police violence?

If over 90% of international terrorism is carried on by adherents of Islam…

If all wars are declared by states…

What percent of any behavior for a certain group of people make it an observed trait of that people?

2-3% of Whites owned slaves in the United States of America which is used as a justification for things such as white privilege and affirmative action. If people today must own that criminal legacy, then what current groups must own crimes committed by members of their groups?

Again, I think the bad things should stick out more than the good.

This is part of my issue with religions. For example even if there is a god that created all that is good he also created the bad. Be it by creating Satan or directly creating hell. Then I would hold that being responsible for that, and deem them negative.

I’m going to the Nazis here.

No matter what information I bring to you about positive things that the Nazi party may have done, they also are responsible for the Holocaust. This defines them as an evil entity, as was their leader, Hitler. If hell does exist, then it is worse than the Holocaust. Technically by some definitions of the place people that suffered through the Holocaust may have Hell waiting for them on the other side.

How does this not implicate god as evil?



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