T’is Kenya?: A Talk with Stardusk

OK, yay for my life.

Have been listening to Stardusk aka Thinking Ape for years. Mostly came to the channel while searching for MGTOW content and stayed for the depth of the information he presented. Began to regularly comment in videos in the general circles, one thing led to another, made some contact with CS MGTOW who then suggested I may be able to participate in the Perspectives series, and here we have it.

If you are expecting a pun about his name and being struck somehow, shame on you and your cringeness. It was an honor though and admittedly somewhat unfocused. In retrospect I may have been attempting to introduce more about myself to someone I have heard so much of/about than recalling experiences from and focusing on Kenya. Will let you know if I get the chance to do more. It cemented my appreciation of the challenge it can be to speak on topic for this long in an unscripted nature but almost certainly will begin Vlogging on my own.

Here is a gallery from my most recent 3 weeks in Kenya. Some notes included with the images. May make a video presentation of this as I now think about it, may have been interesting to just go through these images and recount some of it in the above video.

Thank you for reading, listening and looking.

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