Olympic Excellence

What body types are best for different sports?

In the post Olympic Inequality, I discussed how the lack of equality is actually what makes competition worth while. Another interest I have in the Olympics is by seeing how the human body varies in shapes and sizes due to use. Partially from the practical sense of it and as an artist with an understanding of anatomy and motion.

Usain Bolt at 6’5″ is took fewer strides than did Tyron Bromell at 5’9″ but that height and frame would possibly have limits at a certain level. There has been discussion of the growth hormone inhibiting effect of training for some sports such as Gymnastics but you get to see the 41 yr old Oksana Chusovitina compete against athletes that looked to be well under the 16 year old required age to participate. No height limits in gymnastics, but can you imagine a 6’5″ athlete on the uneven bars?


Not the height you’re looking for

Many competitors were under 4’10” which is generally considered to be a Midget or Little Person, (not Dwarfism as they are still proportioned in the average way) which would be excellent for Gymnastics, but a handicap for Basketball.

Height among many other things can determine ones excellence, yet no one height grantees success in all things.

“Black excellence,” sure but when whites are at the top of something it’s racism.

Tyron Bromell may have finished last in the Olympics but 3 years ago he had the fastest time of any high school 100meter dash at 9.99. Cool to see him  participate in the Olympics. At 21 he has a bright future on the track ahead of him if he wants it.

Now is this “male excellence?” “Youth excellence?” The slowest…actually cant say slowest here, the least fast time in the video is 10.15 which is meters faster than the fastest female time ever recorded of 10.49, which is still faster than any man I personally know.

I am Kenyan by citizenry. Is there a shared “Kenyan dominance” I can claim due to the well known achievements Kenyans have in distance running?


Outside of the fact that we are all individuals, there are many things from what is eaten, their training and environments and somewhat specifically how it is one tribe, the Kalenjin, that produce most of these excellent distance runners. Their bodies actually are better able to run in the way they do. At a genetic level, born that way so if they chose to train eat and run, they could be excellent. Mine was better able to squat over 500 pounds when I was around 14, Usain Bolt’s is the kind that has never had him run longer than a mile.

We excel and fail at different things. Judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree and all fish will be failures. Let’s be somewhat more cognizant of taking collective pride in individual achievements and more importantly blaming individual failure on collective oppression.

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