Olympic Tran-ing

Gender differences.

Previously post, Olympic Excellence, discussed  the 100-meter dash world record for women is not as fast as what high-school males can do.

Training does make differences. From what you eat to where you live and practice this is generally accepted and allowed for. There are also limitations on what can be done. some things are considered illicit substances that give one an unfair edge on the competition. Let’s say you had a drug to make you taller, it may be illegal to use it as a basketball player, but would making it illegal for a gymnast make any sense since excessive height could be a handicap?

So an outright pill or injection for height may be illegal, but it is known that height can be aided by ones nutritional choices. Effects of supplementing traditional diets in different societies around the world can be seen and are rather evident in some Asian countries.

There are many considerations in these ‘supplements.’ What is considered an unfair advantage. They usually have much to do with the chemical or hormonal composition of ones body. Increasing the strength of ones muscles, efficiency at absorbing oxygen to ability to heal general wear and tear.

One basic consideration that went without saying is gender.

Is it up for discussion that male and females should compete in separate sections? Many of the illegal drugs are those that increase the testosterone in ones body. Now  male or female, people make the different amounts of testosterone. Males on average make multiple times the amount of testosterone. This actually begins when we are still fetuses.

Serena Williams has a body that lends itself to muscle much more than most male distance runners. Possibly more than several professional male tennis players. This does not change that she will be tasked with competing in 3 sets against other women and not 5 against men. This is accepted and not an issue to me.

Watch this video. Please.

Could we be approaching a time when the same human being holds world records for males and females?

How did any women reading this feel about the former Bruce Jenner being awarded Woman of the Year by Glamour ? This coming 3 years after Caitlyn Jenner was awarded the Father of the Year by Esquire. I know most reading this would likely not consider these two as sources of much value om woman or father hood.

Could a Usaina Spark compete next year?

Even with his current equipment.


  • Hiroki Ogita shows how male genitalia can be an unexpected negative. Polevaulting with 2 poles. Augmentations are one thing, but take the case of Simona Halep. She got a breast reduction in part to be a better tennis player. Should that be considered illegally changing ones body?
  • Was listening to this and heard about the fetal testosterone spikes. Honey Badger Radio 66: Mothers and Sons with Tom Golden
  • Racist? or just SJW type eating their own.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 22.30.09.png


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