Despite of Abuse

I remember making the observation that so many successful people seemed to come have a history of adverse childhood experiences. At the time I as certain that with my relatively lucky life would mean I would not amount to much.

In actuality many people have bad childhoods. Bad things happen and the ones we hear of with some success are there DESPITE the experience, not due to it. We do not hear of the majority that were destroyed and crippled by the abuse. We do not know the kind of success these few luminaries we see would have had were it not for their abusive pasts.

No that artist did not find a way to write that great book because of the drugs, but despite the drug use. That very drug use could have been to silence the mental anguish they were going through due to adverse childhood and other experiences.

A boxing match with two willing participants is not the same as running up to someone and sucker punching them.

Respect does not come from abuse. Fear, deference and contempt do.

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