Rainy Day Mini-rAnt from the Vault

I am tired, the cloudy weather depresses me.

I find it hard to get motivated past my already low level of motivation.

It makes me feel like the fact behind the myth derived from the concept that is procrastination.

It is not a good feeling.

I remember reading and believing that depression from rain may be nurture over nature. Rain, after all is a vehicle for life, and should be welcomed and celebrated as such.

Part of our aversion may stem from childhood memories of threatening clouds that would at a whim take away the day.

Then some jagged, snakelike daggers would dance around the sky and the air would grumble, like a  hungry stomach that could only be satiated  by feeding on the freedom the outdoors gave you.



This was an old draft from years ago. Never got around to posting it. Rather like the rain of late.

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