How to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Cut one off before they grow. There are two of them. Women would still be able to breastfeed from one breast. There are also 2 testes, eyes, Fallopian tubes…remove one to reduce testicular cancer, potential blindness, possibly ovarian cancers or other fertility complications. We should find a way to kill the the roots of your hair to prevent the mental anguish some feel from early onset baldness.

I could go on.

This is not an easy topic to discuss. It should not be.

Circumcision IS Male Genital Mutilation. Cutting off parts of those who cannot consent is abusive  to females and males. Is there a culture that mutilates females and not men? Haven’t found one yet*. Are there any that do it exclusively too males? Several.


image from Circumcision – facts & myths at intaction

Many claim that this mutilation is worse for females than it is males, but is this worse to be done to a newborn or during childhood?

When I tell people my situation, early to mid childhood, some cringe at the fact that I can vaguely remember going to the hospital and being on the operating table, lights shining, ‘adults’ looking down. Receiving the local anesthesia, the subsequent pain and confusion during and  after it.

I do not remember is being asked if I wanted this to happen, it surely was not my suggestion. Somehow it was brought up and I assume attempts at explaining it were made, but a valid reason? Culture is not one. Doing something just because it’s been done for some arbitrary number of years is one of the most often given of horrible reason to do anything. I’ve thought about it for decades and still cannot think of any appropriate reason to do this.

How about Newborns. Is it better to be brought out of the womb into the light and sounds of this new existence you will inhabit and have a piece of you cut off? To have your early time taking in the sights, sounds, smells and other new experiences this in this air-breathing existence has to offer come between peals of tears from the searing sensation your nerves are sending to your brain? To feel this gruesome pain before you even have an idea of language or naming things.

Think about time for someone that young. A day to you is a fraction of your life, to a day old it is their entire life away from the womb. Let’s assume the pain of MGM lasts a week. Imagine this having happened to a day old baby, having to experience essentially 7 lifetimes worth of inexplicable pain.

But they wont remember it?Creating mental blocks around traumatic experiences is understood, why assume that infants do not? An inability to recall an experience does not negate the effects of it having happened to you. That inability is at times one of the main negative effects. Is it a plus to have memories of life with the entirety of the parts one was born with? Better to have these memories to work with, as blocked and muddled by shame, guilt, confusion, delusion, pain, mistrust and much more…

My nephew’s parents chose to leave him intact. I am thankful of that and certain he will be all the more so as he grows up. We have discussed the subject at some lengths and my sister recently objected to someone mentioning that they were about to have their 13yr old cut. So proud of the younger sis-unit taking this stand. Some reasons given were that in her tribe this was tradition at the age so she’d do it. (likely traditional ceremoniously not in the actual procedure as they are living in Nairobi and relatively urbanized.) Other women in attendance scorned my sisters objections with shaming tactics and one claiming that there were many health benefits but she wasn’t going to waste time listing any of them.

This is not an easy topic to discuss. It should not be. It is abuse of children.

You may have had this done to you and rationalized that it was done out of love. It likely was done with what those in authority rationalized was positive intent. This intent may have led you to have the same be done to your child. The realization of the truth can anger you as it did me. Try not to violently lash out. Do not let recognition of aggression turn into blind anger. Focus that energy, see where the misconceptions are. Speak out about it. Be prepared to possibly discuss with your son(s) when they get old enough; or for a discussion with your parents about why they did it. These discussions may be uncomfortable but well worth it if they can prevent one child from having to go through this.

Some sources below.

This is a deal breaker for me. Certainly could date someone that planned on mutilating a child of theirs, no matter the gender. May eventually reduce my ability to truly befriend someone. Please, I implore you read up on this, and discuss this and many other things before having children.

  • Circumcision: Understanding the Harm. –
  • Oxford Doesn’t Understand Genital Mutilation. TL;DR presents a well researched video. He discusses different forms of it and goes into some practices in various cultures and times that I was unaware of. Click watch on YouTube and in the low-bar there are lots of sources.
  • The Danger of Circumcission | Tim Hammond and Stefan Molyneux. Imagine being a doctor that has circumcised hundreds or thousands of boys for years thinking it was helping then finding out the facts behind how harmful it can be?  This great discussion on the subject
    For more from Tim Hammond and the ongoing Global Survey of Circumcision Harm, please go to:

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