I See Good Things : 9/5/16

At least once a week shall post things I have seen that are of interest. These will be things that did not make it into a blog post. May develop an actual plan around this, but for now its mostly to share interesting things with people. Hopefully people I know so we can discuss them. yes, my friends, i am accusing you of boring me. see the things i see and be more interesting to me. right meow!

8 Strange Animal Sleeping Habits

How many of these did you know before?


The Truth About Hilary Clinton FBI Investigation

So much information out there about this issue. Coming in spurts spread across many sources infused with opinions, biases and spin. Here is a well researched collated review of whats happened.

News : Science Catches Up to MGTOW

I have had the pleasure to be aware of many content producers in the Men Going Their Own Way community. There are some observations, hypotheses and discussions that I first heard within this community only to hear echoed by others months or years after. Here is an example.

Minds.com The Free Speech Social Network Replacement

I joined minds after watching this video and being generally wary of the increasing censorship of the major social platforms. Yay! for technology and how something new comes by to  serve the needs of the market.


Bill Whittles’ Firewall series. 6 minutes and 54 seconds of searing truth.


Spread from my sketchbook


some lulz



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