Wer have all the Good Men Gone?

Interesting how a male human used to be referred to as werman and a female wifman. Wif evolved into wife. Taking that into account places the trope of “Where have all the good men gone?” in a different light, perhaps indicating that the ‘wer’ part is ignored and there are no way a wifman wanting to be a wif can find a werman they deem appropriate…

While reading the comments section of an article about the recent Commander-in-Chief forum, wherein Matt Laurer interviews the two leading candidates for the United States Presidency, I came across a thread begining wiht the following comment:

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 18.47.36.png

in response to that was:Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 18.47.45.pngto which someone added :

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 18.48.05.png

Interesting thread.*

First one showed how I also often still use man to refer to humans as a whole (though arguably as another person added when doing so it may be preferential to capitalize it)

Second one was a nice bit of history and as a fan of etymology I was glad to read it. Did some light searching to find more info and here is a good source, The Word ‘Man’ Was Originally Gender Neutral.

The third one expands on how many, including myself, still  accurately use ‘man,’ and ends with the conveniently formless way regressives tend to use gender in as some times decisive but always divisive.

Think about patriarchy theory wherein all weremen  oppress all wifmen. So that even when a woman chooses to be a wife and stay at home she oppressed and unable to know what is best for her. This sets certain roles, behaviors and expectations for genders.

They will also lead and laud the example of Brown University placing tampons in both male and female bathrooms because both genders menstruate.

Yeah, that’s par for the course for the regressive social climate that exists in what may have once been termed as higher education. Nothing surprises me anymore. Once would think this behavior a sort of paradox but I was mistaken on my premises.

When they say man is the problem that needs to be controlled, they likely mean Man, not weremen. Furthermore they are not against humans but instead ‘men’ which had the meaning of “to think” or “to have a cognitive mind.”

Thank you for reading.

*I like comment sections. Starting to stop consuming online media that does not have them. Sure depending on the topic it they can be somewhat toxic, but how different is that from regular discourse, outside of the relative anonymity?


3 responses to “Wer have all the Good Men Gone?

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Could you expand on that with any example(s) both of problems and proposed control


      • Example: open a history book, or just read the news.
        Proposed control: men stop being evil subhuman freaks (until that happens, women can control the problem HOWEVER THEY WANT).


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