Combating White Oppression

This post was to discuss the following video “RIGHT ANGLE : CAN WHITES SING ALONG TO RAP MUSIC

Have you been called a Nigger? Heard someone say it and thought it was offensive? According to Clark University even  repeating it as part of a song is offensive is white. The first time I can recall it used as an insult to me was in High School. Wasn’t from a ‘white’ person. One of the more recent startling occasions was by an African I had met a day before in Rome , Italy as told in the post This Young Nigga in a Redskin Hat.  No one knows the rules of using this word because they are none. Any that claim ownership  of the word do it to cause division and wield the power to condemn by using it and dictating who  can.

The Above video also points out Environmental Microaggresions.

“On your first day of class, you enter the chemistry building and all of the pictures on the wall are scientists who are white and male,” she said. “If you’re a female, or you just don’t identify as a white male, that space automatically shows that you’re not represented.”

If there is no longer a history of chemistry there is no longer Chemistry. They will be unable to teach it. By these institutions displaying they are no longer interested in teaching chemistry, other places will fill that need and provide education in chemistry. Those people that still want to learn chemistry will go there. These institutions are done.

Speaking of history

This is an excerpt from the following video of an interview Minister Louis Farrakhan gave to Mike Wallace on 60 minutes.

“Oh, yes. I believe it now. History is not false, if he says that the white man did all these things, I did not write the White man’s history. That History is written in the murder, in the bloodshed of the darker peoples of the world and even in the bloodshed of your own people.”

Someone I met in Kenya posted the first 2:20 of this on Facebook stating how ‘very correct’ it was. If I recall right they have traveled and lived/studied possibly in Malaysia. The video was overlayed with a claim that it  was the definition of a double standard. I watched it and commented leading to this exchange :

Me : States are inherently corrupt and much is being exposed by the day but is part of the premise that an American cannot speak about other countries, because if so doesn’t he disqualify himself or is this a race issue?

Them : It has always been sadly been about race… always will be…

Me : So you think because he has similar skin color he somehow ‘knows’ more about whatever African country they are speaking of? (Nigeria was it? same place that Kenyans quite often say is very corrupt?)

Them : Well I guess you have a point however, he is also right.

Me : Right how? Not sure if my point can be valid as well as his potential assertion that ‘race’ disqualifies the reporter from stating an opinion. If your skin color gives you a superior right to say something that is by definition racist. I do agree though that he can be racist and also right about corruption in the USA though.

Me : Thanks for the dialogue though, hope it does not come off as an attack on you, just curious as to how others translate things.
Still curious to how people translate things. There is a severe lack of empirical evidence behind some of the most prevalent issues we face as a society. Historically this misguided rhetoric and toxic environment all to often leads to acts of violence. What was said in the video may have had some validity, but what culture or society out there is free of this bloody history?
“If we do better by ourselves today, we could help reconcile these differences.” How many social agitators today actually look to themselves to improve their issues?

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 20.02.16.png


6 responses to “Combating White Oppression

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  2. The truth might be that black oppression of blacks is a greater force than white oppression. At least something to think about.

    If a young black kid is harassed in school for trying to do good and not get in trouble and gets harassed as “acting white” maybe that is part of what I mean by “black oppression.”

    A black person is also enormously more likely to be shot and killed (or robbed or raped) by another black person than a white policeman. Just facts. Facts aren’t racist.


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