Hillary’s Health : Not Hillarious

This is a serious issue.

There are good weekends and there are great ones, mine was great. Hillary Clinton however did not have one. May have had her worst.

Went out at midday to meet friends, walked around for some hours then had an hour or so drawing in a park. Upon returning to the apartment, checked online and saw a friend’s post saying that Scott Adams* and Stefan Molyneux** said that this is likely the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Wondered what it could be, thought likely something health related, since enough people have her back on what she does or doesn’t… I scrolled down and saw what it was.

Oh my.

Today is September 11th. In the United States of America it is now and likely forever will be 9/11. The day they commemorate the terror attacks involving the crashing of  hijacked planes. Candidate Clinton was overcome by something causing her to be unceremoniously whisked off from the ceremonies.

The optics of this are horrible. Not only is the current presidential election very heated, but this will be tied to many things including another previous Clinton involved fiasco on the same day in 2012; the Benghazi attacks on the US Embassy that led to the deaths of 4 Americans.

I posted this story  Sick Hillary Fainted on Camera, is Saved by Her Handler #ClintonCollapse on my Facebook account with the following note:

Oh man. I will admit the weather yesterday was aquatic and left me drenched after walking be about but today was relatively pleasant…Mayhaps she was overcome with emotions.

In all seriousness though I am not a fan but this seems abusive. Discretion is the better part of valor but if she or those enabling and encouraging her had the mentality to understand such a sentiment would they have gone this far

Someone responded that “This one was out of a limb for sure.” Supporting evidence was that they personally had accidents over the last year but did mean they had PD (Parkinson’s Disease).

I responded that unlike Hillary Clinton, they are in their early adulthood and not 68. So Parkinson’s would is far less likely a consideration. Neither are they vying for one of the most stressful jobs in the world that has an implied contract of 4-8 years. So even if they may have the disease it would not be of corn to the general public, excluding me and their other friends.

This reaction further cements my suspicion that this is likely the end. They avoided addressing the issue at hand. Like it was non existent. No one had said this specific collapse was due to Parkinsons. Her own campaign has said it was overheating and at the time of posting this claims she has been diagnosed with Pneumonia. It is something though.

The uncertainty is the issue.

If the voting public and other concerned people in the world knew what it was…that would be one thing. I do not begrudge their curiosity. I was not against this when John McCains health was questioned when he ran for president.

Let’s not be sexist and hold Hillary to a lower standard for the same job.


  • #CLINTONCOLLAPSE Trending tag
  • 911 is the number called in the states for emergencies. Was this hillaries 911, 9/11 moment? Just cognitively made the association between these numbers some months ago. How many know that other numbers are used in other countries, and would it be better if we picked a universal one?
  • Remember the Dean Scream? That was another memorable moment that signaled an end to a campaign. Does Trump have one of these in him, can Hillary overcome hers?
  • *Scott Adams’ Blog – The Race for President is (probably) Over. Short and succinct. Former supporter or not, can you really refute much of what is said here?
  • **Molyneux’s Video. Points this out likely far more eloquently than i could. I agree with his sentiments and observations and is why I do not consider this hilarious. It is a sad and grave issue.

Let us know what you think

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