Critical Info about Catastrophic Climate Models

Heard about Dr. Patrick Frank on Power Hour: Dr. Patrick Frank on the Accuracy of Climate Models with Alex Epstein. Eyeopening things explained succinctly.

In the Podcast, Dr. Frank gave this analogy about the surface temperature in relation to heat coming from the sun and escaping the earths atmosphere. I’ll paraphrase.

Think about a dam. When you build one the flow of the river does not change but is stemmed. It will rise to the height of the dams wall while increasing the pressure at the bottom of the dam.

The heat form the sun is the river. Carbon dioxide is the wall of the dam and the pressure at the bottom is our surface temperature.

If the rivers flow increases it will get to the point where it would overflow the top of the wall. However the earth itself is a smart dam that can regulate itself.

I like this analogy it is elegant in its simplicity. It also is something i can add to my query of why is a human built dam considered unnatural but a beaver dam is perfectly natural? Or a Sky scraper vs an ant hill?

As for the amount of Carbon dioxide, ill add to his dam analogy with some information also shared in the podcast. There is an agreed amount of measured carbon dioxide that was present pre-industrial revolution. If we can convert that to meters of the dam it could be about 340 meters. Since the industrial revolution humans have contributed to between 1-2 meters more of wall.


Outside of plants being all YAY more food! I do not know what the effect is today let alone what it will be in 100 or 1000 years, and neither do you.


Scorched earth by arcipello

what once was by arcipello


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