I See Good Things : 9/14/16

Next installment, of the I See Good Things series contains: A Short economics video, Autonomous tractors, there are apparently 4 giraffes in the world, Veganism is gendered and a somber 9/11 message.

The Mises View : “Basket Case” | Peter G. Klein

4 minutes 20 seconds of economics that could save you time and money.

Longaberger can’t sell its basket-shaped headquarters. As Peter Klein explains, resources in a modern economy are complex and specific — which is why we need free markets. Klein is the Mises Institute’s Carl Menger Research Fellow. For more information, visit the Mises Institute online at mises.org.

Autonomous Tractors

White people continue to destroy jobs. A little over a century ago, 95% of people used to be employed in farming. Its down to 2% in the West, now they want to destroy jobs in developed countries where large numbers still farm. When will they stop this job killing!!!

Giraffes are 4 different Species.

Did you jump down here thinking there were only 4 individual Giraffes left? That’s a lil writing technique to keep you interested 😛 Found out there are 4 genetically distinct species of Giraffes from a study in  Current Biology via Geekologie and The Huffington Post

Not Breeds like the different dogs  St Bernards to Dachshunds (weiner dogs) which all under the sub family of Canis lupus familiaris, but species.

Think of this like the distinct species of Bears such as Asiatic Black, Brown and Polar. They do not generally interbreed and are of the genus Ursus, under the tribe Ursini in the sub family of Ursinae in the family Ursidae… Panda Bears should be removed from this family. Seriously look a the video below. Winnie the Pooh is more related to bears than Pandas…and don’t even mention Kung-Fu Panda (Something about Jack Black bugs me He did well in Tropic Thunder but that was more the movie than him)


Veganism is Feminism, apparently. (Fan Art Edition)

Undoomed is a YouTube channel I am subscribed to. Mostly does response videos in this form. Remember when YouTube used to let you have re: videos that appeared on the actual page of the video you were responding to? You are old like me if you do 🙂 :::adult language because some children listen to me:::

You may think he is being harsh and I do have some concerns about some of the factory farming practices…but dumbness is spreading.

9/11 : My Untold Story

Philosopher, Stephan Molyneux, released this video on the 15th anniversary of the September 11th Attacks. May re-blog this later.

Personal picture and a joke now. Thanks for reading.


of the Masai Giraffe Species. Majestic creatures to behold. Fascinating sleeping habits too.


Time to stop the double standards. It’s the current year.

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Shall post things Interesting things that didn’t make it into a separate blog post.  Hopefully people I know see them so we can discuss. Yes, my friends, I am accusing you of boring me. See the things I see and be more interesting to me. right meow!


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