Terrorism is not Muslim

If you hear terrorism and think the of every person that claims to be of the Muslim faith you are a bigot. If you think most people do this you think very little of people, and are most likely projecting your own bias.

Richard Fowler, a democratic strategist said this in reference to the comments New York City Mayor, made after the bomb blast in Midtown:

Here’s what DeBlasio tried to do yesterday, right? Yes, it was an intentional act. Yes, it was an act of terror. The problem is when you say the word ‘terror’ because of word association it automatically assumes you are talking about people of the Muslim faith. And that is why he said an intentional act and not terrorism because we don’t know if it was Muslim. None of these organizations have taken credit for it. So before we go out and start to blame and shame a whole religion we ought to be very careful and get all the facts first.

from Wikipedia:

Around 62% of the world’s Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific region (from Turkey to Indonesia), with over 1 billion adherents. The largest Muslim population in a country is in Indonesia, a nation home to 12.7% of the world’s Muslims, followed by Pakistan (11.0%), India (10.9%), and Bangladesh (9.2%).

Surely we don’t think of Indonesians when we hear there has been a terror attack in a western country. Or Indians, Bangladeshis has there been any Pakistani ones? These countries have had their own internal terrorism, usually carried out by fellow countrymen often of the Islamic faith onto targets that they do not consider Islamic.(The Minnesota Mall stabbing has some echoes of the attacker asking the victims if they are Muslim)

Muslim nor Islam is a Race

What is thought of most often are Muslims from or influenced by the ideologies in certain middle-eastern countries. Those same countries that many western nations are unfortunately currently waging ‘undeclared’ or outright wars in.

Call it what you may, there are people terrorized in those locations.

Just as westerners will see someone from X region and/or Y ideology, claim to hate and kill you for Z reason and then harbour suspicions of those that appear to fit one or all of the markers; is similar to how others can view westerners collectively responsible for the actions done in the name of westerners, by those they choose to lead them with the excuse that western value, culture and the like are to be exported to their people, somehow through bombs and terror.

This collectivism and making of special exceptions has been the death of many civilizations.

What is it about certain locations, certain ideologies, reasons and incentives that lead people to do what they do.

We shall not answer this by refusing to use words accurately. Avoiding ‘offensive’ words words will not stop offensive actions.

  • Heard about it in this short 4 minute video by Gad Saad.

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