Remember, Unarmed = Safe

Some are reasoning that unarmed equates to lack of threat.

Following this logic, since women use weapons more often in domestic violence situations, does this make them more dangerous? Should the laws change to have the female be the default person arrested in heterosexual domestic violence disputes?

I’m 5’11” 250 pounds. Not in that bad of shape. Squat with sets of 425 pounds, base bench with sets of 225 or higher. Prefer Interval sprint training or cycling to jogging.  Can do a decent number of pull-ups, and sit-ups. All around am generally fit.


2015. may have been mid 240-250 here.

Thought experiment time I’ll take me and someone else and have you assume we both may be in a confrontation with you.  Whom would you perceive to be more of more of a threat.

Am I more of a threat than a random 3 foot tall 6 year old with a knife? Likely yes, if the kid is alone even if if its a proper knife (Unless he is also Australian***).

How about if he has a Nerf gun?


2015. may have been mid 240-250 here.

I’m likely still more of a threat. Okay what if its a BB gun? Yeah, I’m still more of a danger to you.


How about me or a 12 year old holding one of these?screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-02-34-31

Depending on which one you picked it’d be the 12 year old. Tamir Rice, was holding one of these guns when he was shot by a police officer. One is an actual pistol the other an air-soft gun. Take your time to to tell decide which is fake? How much would you do so when faced with one. (I have a story about that i may tell later)

Okay away from kids or armaments. It is not controversial to say danger, depends on the type of arms. So, let’s have both people be unarmed.

So, me or a 5’9″ 270 pound teenage female? You’d likely think I’m more of a threat, and possibly be concerned for her health. How about a 5’11” 270 pound 17 year old male or me?

What if that boy was me?


How about a 5’9″ 170 pound white lady?*


No weapons, just me and her. I’d be more threatening. Which why you may have disagreed with my point about domestic violence. ‘The woman needs to use a weapon to equal the playing field!’

How about a male a little taller and a little lighter? Let’s say 5’9″ 170lbs? You’d possibly think I’d be more of a threat. You may be right.

But what if it’s this guy?


was likely about 150lb in this picture

If you knew Connor ‘Notorious’ McGregor’s history and mine, you would be making a wise decision to consider him more of a threat.

Let’s say you didn’t know his history and you saw this.**

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 03.05.57.png

Now let’s say I had a history of having shot at people? Or was behaving in a general way that you’d seen people do before they shot someone? or reaching somewhere that there may be something. Reaching my arms somewhere there may be other arms.

Any arms generally think of most likely require the use of arms. Even without arms there are teeth, head, legs. What stops the other person from using their arms to get whatever armaments you may have?

Remember. Unarmed does not mean lack of threat.

I’ll end with an attempt at levity that may be fitting to the subject followed by links.


  • Must add that in my return to Kenya in 2010, a gang called Mungiki had been active since its publicized participation in the post election violence after the 2007 elections. Their members wore their hair in dreadlocks or disheveled as in the top picture of myself. My mother and others warned me that I may be mistaken for one by police and others. People crossed streets at times. Got looks by police and more a few times that could have had to do with that.
  • *Picture from My Body Gallery. Site where you can see what different body types, weights ages and such look like.
  • **McGregor is a Dapper gent.
  • ***Would this be considered sexist and racist today? The I can ask is bad enough.
  • Police are EnFORCEment Agents  : My frustrated as all attempt at making some sense with he escalating inanity of Black Lives Matter in relation to the selective situations of force employed by the Police forces.
  • Video below with actual facts about the Keith Scott shooting in Charlotte that lead to mass riots. For those that care. For those that do not and continue to support the racism narrative, be it unconscious systemic, subjective, micro or whatever. Feel free to type me a comment, with your bloody fingers on whatever screen or keyboard you are using.

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