Beginning to Define Infinity : 101 | Comment Section Convos

Gavin McCinnes with Rebel Media posted the following video in which he puts forward a humorous and delightful ‘proof’ for the existence of god.

I have noticed some atheists virulently defending their lack of belief in ways as lacking in substance as any theist when confronted with the proposition of god not existing. Possibly due to the select nature of the channel that kind of scattershot response was not that prevalent in the comment section.

This was my initial response:

We’re sitting next to something unfathomable so let me describe the somehow fathomable thing that created it? 😛 Or is it that you just attempt to define the gaps in our knowledge as god? My contention is no attempt to describe this potential being, made by any humans I know of is either disprovable or unprovable. Quite often intentionally so. Can not imagine making a nuclear power plant but doesn’t require a god to have made it.

Thanks for sharing though in your characteristically humorous way. I think they said the invisible hand to appeal to the religious that may not be as open to the ideas if they thought it was anti-faith. Does infinity have a beginning?

There was not much in that response. I scrolled down in the hope that someone had done better in refuting what Gavin said. My faith was rewarded in finding this beaut of a response:

1. The universe probably isn’t infinite.
2. “Isn’t the universe amazing!”, is an argument from incredulity. It’s so amazing, some god MUST have made it! Ridiculous.
3. Mind reading unicorns STILL wouldn’t be evidence of god.
4. You are describing infinity wrong. Yes, you would have every variation, BUT, you would also have INFINITE TAIL FLIPS IN A ROW. That’s what infinity IS. We don’t have the ability to understand it, but we can describe what it means using math.
5. Time is meaningless in infinity. Waiting, or not waiting, is irrelevant. All actions are simultaneous and infinitely long.
6. The universe probably isn’t infinite and there are finite things that compose this universe as well as “rules” that define what CAN happen in this universe.
7. There is STATISTICAL PROBABILITY given the physics of the universe that LIFE exists elsewhere. It is not reasonable to say, “We know that there is life out there.” We don’t. We don’t know if life exists outside of THIS PLANET.
8. You can’t “go” trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of light years in this universe…that we know of. The most accepted theories suggest that our universe is about 91 billion light years across. (It could be bigger or smaller, we don’t know.)
9. I don’t know that there isn’t a planet of just “me”. I can’t know that as you stated and I’ve stated earlier, we don’t have the capacity to understand infinity. That being said, this universe likely is not infinite. Every shred of evidence that we have regarding the universe seems to indicate that indeed it is NOT infinite. So, why do you keep saying that?
10. Wait? What? No! If an infinite universe existed, then, YES, a planet of Charlie Chaplins’ would exist…everything that COULD exist WOULD exist SIMULTANEOUSLY. But it seems we don’t live in an infinite universe, so this point is meaningless pandering.
11. So, this god is infinite, and everything…thus a planet of Charlie Chaplins’…that definitely exists, because we somehow “know” that the universe isn’t infinite…that’s just…I don’t even…wow.
12. So, naturally occurring systems in nature such as free market Capitalism, “Darwinism” (whatever that means – although I suspect you mean evolution), and biological systems prove that some god exists? So, this god is physics?
13. So, the acceptance of evolution, science, and math, is constantly improving our state of being if we just observe the universe and accept the physics of it? I can’t argue with that! Still, I don’t see how that proves some god exists.
14. We don’t want to be immortal, yet the religious, those that BELIEVE in some god, HOPE for ETERNAL LIFE?
15. No. There WAS NO TIME “before” the big bang. Time wasn’t a thing. The universe seems to have had a BEGINNING (about 14.5 billion years ago). There was NO “BEFORE” THAT.
16. No. I don’t “dig.”Love you Gavin. Another entertaining vid. Thanks!
My response was this:
I like what you said and think I would like you if we met. Well said.
I was the second one to reply to the initial comment. The first one made points in support of many of the numbers that the initial comment had. To me they cemented it. Including  “3. Yip, that would be evidence of mind reading unicorns.”

I did not think there was much left to be said. Sure didn’t have much more, but someone added more. To which i’ll continue in the next part of this series.

Beginning to Define Infinity : 102 | Comment Section Convos


finally got to the open air metro stops. Feeling so New York now 🙂



4 responses to “Beginning to Define Infinity : 101 | Comment Section Convos

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  2. I thought Gavin was better than this.

    The whole god argument is completely pointless. You either believe or you don’t – but there isn’t a shred of evidence anywhere that can decide either way because God, even if he is obeying laws of logic (which he doesn’t have to) is supposed to be infinitely powerful, which means that anything that contradicts him could easily have been fabricated by him as a test of faith, and anything that we don’t understand is put down to his mysterious ways – up to and including those flies that burrow into children’s eyes.

    At the end of the day, it’s a story that has built in resilience to reason. And I wonder why the writers did that when they were trying to guilt trip the population into following their kings etc etc

    Anyhoo, nice Blog.


    • Thank you for the comment and readership 🙂 Cognitive dissonance is a fantastic thing to behold, assuming he was being serious. It is inherently nonsensical and though it can be somewhat enoyable tryign to make sense of that I will try to remind myself that if they were actually trying to make sense, they likely would be unable to propose what they have to begin with.

      Liked by 1 person

      • True.

        It’s sad how far reason is from the minds of most people – so much so that they thing basic logical errors lead to proof of gods existence.


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