Wrestling is Real

Really. It is 100% real, wrestling is real.

While watching this series they discuss how when holding an event in another country, locals expected their hometown heroes to win.I then recalled the wrestlers that spend a large percent of their lives doing this. Not  just the 24-7-365 nature of it ,no off-season in the professional wrestling business, but there are familial dynasties in it where you are born and raised into the wrestling.

In comparison to historical Rome, wrestlers are our gladiators and NASCAR and other motor sports the chariot races.

As we are more humane, the deaths are not as frequent let alone intentionally planned to be in public, but the participants still risk their lives. There have been high profile deaths while performing and competing. As for out of ring issues, considerations of the kind of risk taking personalities that would be attracted to such a pastime. That mental state added to stress, concussions, injuries, travel and other factors… well it surely is not for me.

On to the belief.

As a child I was certain the Undertaker was wight of some sort.


Vividly recall hearing that after being knocked down, while on his back he could put his arms up and stiff as a board, like some front facing  precursor to the plank, return to standing. Pretty sure my brother and I tried to do it ourselves… I never gave much consideration to Undertaker as a human being. No Mark William Calaway, he was just that massive, magical, zombie humanoid on WWF.

Ah, then you begin to hear it isn’t ‘real’ that it’s sports entertainment. You may spend some time defending it’s veracity but then accept it for the spectacle it is. A soap Opera with more people being punched in the face. Then you watch other things. Loose track.

It isn’t real like gravity is,the faith in that level of real does not exist, but have far more knowledge to what it really is.

I am amazed with what it takes to maintain the wrestling as an industry as a real thing. How many fans still follow it. The fans that did or still do think these performers are really the characters they play. The amount of  preparation that goes into even the smallest match let alone a tent-pole event such as Wrestlmania  that could span years of build up, story-lines and adjustments. The global nature of it, the merchandising, the small rings set up in bars across countrysides, with hundreds of thousands of professional wrestlers spending their lives doing this. Wrestlers that would die to get the chance to be on the big stage of WWE or other big promotions.

The industry is as real as your grocery store, and performers as the cashier you chat with. As real as the flight you board and the kind friendly message the pilot gives over the intercom as the stewards and stewardesses smile and prepare to provide what service your ticket pays for to earn their salaries. They sure are as real as any politician you may have voted for, any sports team you have been a fan of or film you may have teared up to.

Wrestling is real.


It may not be everything there is, and sure is not unplanned or created by humans, but it is most definitely real.


Let us know what you think

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