I See Good Things : 10/2/16

Latest installment of the I See Good Things where I share interesting things i’ve found.

Biggest Counterfeiting Operation In History – Mike Maloney

One od the main go to guys to understand the world economy. His series on the Hidden Secrets of Money is essential for all. Money is time, make time to watch it.

Mike Maloney shows the incredible amounts of QE happening around the world right now. Combined with negative interest rates, it is clear that central banks are out of ammo. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at https://www.hiddensecretsofmoney.com/.

Information is good to have, almost especially if it is bad info.

Friedrich Hayek: Why Intellectuals Drift Towards Socialism

By definition a social program cannot be designed by anything but society.

Hayek, really like his manner of speaking, almost as much as the content.

TL;DR – Old School 90’s Gaming ‘Misogyny’

Remember : Society hates women.

Even in the 90’s video gamers hated women and girls so much that it declared a girl the winner after she lost 2/3 games in a single game deathmatch to a boy. Let the girl win, that’ll show these women folk what a hostile environment this is for females!

Sexism is alive and well. So is racism.

Female Asian Assassin Terminates 1 ED-209 & Sends 2 Others Scurrying During Home Invasion

A friend said Tommy Sotomayor may be the most inflammatory person on YouTube…he is somewhere up there.









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