Tokyo Ghoul and Prodigy

May start posting some of these recommendations of things I like.

I am a fan of Manga, Manhwa and other visual forms of storytelling. I had seen and heard of Tokyo Ghoul. I’d see an image or cosplay and search the character, or see it listed in popular manga on various sites. I never gave it a chance until a few weeks ago.

My word.

Do things get dark.

The mood and weight of the comic and characters within is can be quite jarring asn there is a palpable sense of danger.

Finding these gems that have been ongoing for years, gives you the chance of marathoning the series. This worked well with Tokyo ghoul as issues often end with gripping cliffhangers and there are a large number if varied characters to keep track of. This can be frustrating waiting weekly (as most manga is), let alone monthly.

With this series the first one was completed by the time i begun and was glad to find there was a second series “Tokyo Ghoul Re:” that was already 80 issues in. Now I am following that, anxiously awaiting each weekly release.

With 2 long flights ahead of me I  took advantage of the interent access in the Dubai airport to load multiple tabs of manga. I do not think the Airport appreciated that as they seemed to have closed off my connection before the allotted 1 hour was completed. Regardless I had about 35 issues ready for the flight. During the flight searched the entertainment system for some background music.

Found out that Madonna is still releasing albums knew she was touring so this should have been expected. There was a new Prince and Micheal Jackson album which made me think how many more years of Prince albums there are…anyway there was “The Day is My Enemy” a new album by The Prodigy. I recalled  Firestarter, Breathe and Smack My bitch Up and thought of how out of the target market for purchasing music I currently am…


Kaneki X Firestarter

The album was fitting background music to the manga. There  is likely to be crossover in people that are fans of the genres and themes of both Tokyo Ghoul and Prodigy, If you like one good chance you’ll like the other.

If you ever liked Prodigy, give the new album a listen. If you like dark, emotional, intense stories with a horror element, that makes you question who what a monstrosity is? Give Tokyo Ghoul a read.

Let us know what you think

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