‘Muricah so Racist

Saw this post the other day about Beyoncé and Solange Knowles* that was very instructive of how Black Americans are dealt with in the United States.


So you see this and think, wait how is this proof of racism? They are supporting these two sisters. For Beyóncé and Solange to have their music albums in the top 5 of iTunes charts some percentage of non-Black Americans had to have purchased that music. Well not quite.

The fact that whites and others support these sisters is #BLACKLIVESMATTER validating levels of racism. Remember how Šolångê assaulted the her brother in Law, Jay-Z as her sister Bëÿöñçè stood by and did little of anything?


Muricah so rayciss.

Supporting those that assault black men.

Die In A Fire.

You racists!

(prolly also rape, groping, patriarchy culture. You see how those men manhandled her and Jay-Z did nothing?!!  Bet the Bastard paid those brutes to do what they did!)

K in all seriousness, haven’t heard a song from either albums but yeah. Tell em how America is racist because they just use coloreds as jesters.

Sooooo ever find yourself watching movie reviews and just end up watching tons of them?

How many parent-child entertainment collaborations/vehicles have there been? There was John Voight and Angelina Jolie in an early Tomb Raider. Then likely Martin sheen and Charlie sheen or that Esposito fellow from Young Guns that may also be his kid? no I shall not research this

Here is a certain parent child vehicle featuring two members of  the Smith family, that is very vocal about societies bias against Blacks.


Let us know what you think

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