Make US the Best Africa it Can Be

There are a few things wrong about that title.

First, geographically the United States is a country and Africa a continent. How about the states you ask? I’ll recognize the different laws, climates, customs and dialects that in some cases that are unintelligible to outsiders…there is however the last part ‘of America.’

That last part is key.

What is America? What are they United to? What state describes this unison. This is not a question in Africa. Continent is massive and quite divided. So diverse, most countries outright having languages and cultures numbering in the  double digits that are entirely different.

If diversity is such a strength then why aren’t these African nations overflowing with power?

Shall not let that overused talking point take me off topic. In a countries such as Kenya, with its 42 tribes, regions and tribal lands are as delineated as in the USA, but the overarching national identity does not exist as much. There is no sense of an ‘United Tribes of Kenya.’ Reasons for this  may include the general infancy of the nations, the aforementioned tribal lands having a long histories that relate specifically to genetic over political ideas of tribes as well as the awareness of other nations that are more appealing than what is offered locally.

This last example I gave leads to another part of the title. Why do people leave one place and try and turn the place they are in to the place they left? Why move from one country and bring that with you? If that culture and way of living was so positive, why did you leave where most people live that way?  Why would I be playing basketball, then for whatever reason look over to the football field and decide to move there and join them, then pick up the ball and start running around and insist they now call it American Football. Nahaha! see what I did there?

In all seriousness, this continues to irk me. I like the diversity travel brings. Seeing why different things happen for the same reasons. Why did the Hijab come form the Middleast? Well maybe it was to protect the beauty of the females from the harsh conditions. Is this sexist? not really as the Tuareg tribe Northern Africa its the Males that do, as the society is a matriarchy.

If you happen to be working in Paris and are invited for a fantasy football league, it is unlikely one of the players you pick may actually take just kneeling during their anthem to an actual boycott of a game and risk their salary and your points. In the same way friends you met in Europe who are now in America will begin their own Fantasy football leagues as part of, as one puts it,  ‘learning how to football.’

Look I get if you are on vacation to Rome, Italy and instead of trying some Buccatini all’Amatriciana you would rather find some meal closer to what you are accustomed to. You are well in your rights to go look for that dish. You would not however go to an Italian restaurant and demand they cook you what you want. You wouldn’t even do this in your own country, leave your food and kitchen to go to demand the Italian restaurant cook you something local.

There are many more examples.

How do migrants choose migrants which aspects of their culture they left do they they and expect the new culture to accommodate? A slight accommodation can be a key a part to what made that place appealing to migrate to in the first place.


I like that places are different. I would prefer they stay that way and appreciate how they come to be that way. Those that travel must as well otherwise why leave? Imagine if every place had the same percentage of everything represented. It would be such a bland and underwhelming mono-culture. Something about where you left and went to made, you decide to move or stay.

You can can take your baggage with you but do not expect anyone to carry it when you arrive.

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