Diagnosis : Corruption


I created the custom Pepe pictured above. Shared it in a group with this comment “Created another image. Shall be posting it whenever anyone claims questions of Hillary’s health are a right wing conspiracy.” The following is one of the interactions I had with a commentor.

MiGl : I don’t understand what this is supposed to do… aren’t you just confirming their misunderstanding that 1) you’re a Nazi, 2) whites are Nazis, 3) Pepe is a white-supremacist symbols, and 4) therefore, the alt-right and Trump supporters are unashamed white Nazis and non-white alt-righters are self-hating?

Me : It is not supposed to do any one thing in particular. It is a meme. Most usually used for Lulz. It is not really an argument but can convey ideas.

1) Not a Nazi. Swastika itself isn’t even a Nazi symbol, but was just used by them and has the negative connotations.
2) Am not white. Nor is everyone that asks about Clinton’s health. Neither the entire alt-right. Neither is Pepe. He is a cartoon frog.
3) Refer to 1. Pepe existed before the Alt-right or any Trump association. This mocks them saying that this is what Pepe is.
4) Flawed reasoning on their part. They likely think these things regardless of the evidence. As I would assume you do not think that about Trump supporters because you have seen evidence that many of them likely have.

In addition this House M.D. play is on that of there being many diagnoses on what ails Hillary Clinton, the country, or people that make the kind of judgements and assumptions that you listed in an often spurious manner.

Plays as well on the way when people say Clinton is sick from what they see, you often get the appeal to authority questions of “are you a doctor?” or the alternative of people diagnosing Trump and supporters as hateful or psychopathic by saying they are Therapists, Psychologists or otherwise experienced.

‘Tis mainly for the lulz though, but has the above and more ‘meaning’ that led me to create it, after a friend posted an article about Clinton needing support to climb one step and another jokingly commented that health qs are a conspiracy by right wing frogs. and post it. It isn’t supposed to do anything in particular.

MiGl : Umm… they’re just going to see it as you confirming their world-view. If they understood any of those points, they wouldn’t have to be made. You might lol, they will use it as proof of their own bias. And they wouldn’t even have to do any spinning- it already fits into the narrative that they and their friends believe.

Me : MiGl no need to assume that about them. They also are not the only ones seeing it. If it helps one person possibly change it’s worth it. If not still my time and such. Feel free to give up on them completely though and engage as you see fit. As for not spinning, they all do (I do too at times though try to reduce it as much as possible and also provide source material for people to make their own conclusions). All you inferred can be spin as that is simply an image of a cartoon frog

That’s it. Twas a closed group of a shared interest in philosophy. Interesting how his assertion that people will strengthen beliefs despite evidence carried out, and mine that people can change with enough evidence continued despite him giving me little evidence that he may change.

Well here is hoping I am right in at least 2 things, that other people are also reading this, and even if one may change it is worth it.


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