Twilight Age Gap

Does the age discrepancy presented in much of vampire romances bother you? Not sure when it started to annoy me, but I think the popularity of the Twilight Saga is when it became something of a nuisance.

How shallow and mentally ill developed must a vampire be to live over 100 years and still have much to discuss with a 16 year old? In Twilight Edward Cullen was born in 1901 and turned into a vampire in 1918. You can argue that there is potential for him wanting to have a partner whose mind he cannot read (because Twilight vampiresĀ  have super powers) but there is also the blood having an irresistible scent… Not sure if author Stephanie Meyer had this scent driven urge for both genders, it shows up in a teenage werewolf imprinting itself on a baby, cripes that is a whole other disturbing issue.

Stick to vampires

That many are so accepting of this, many females in particular glorifying it. Is indicative that most accept that females have very high value just by being youthful. Despite this narrative of looks having little to do with attraction.

You know.

Stephanie Meyer knows.

These ladies know.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 06.40.27.png

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