Appropriately Racist?

Cultural appropriation…

My Halloween costume:osamabinliftin.jpg

When I thought of the Osama bin Liftin costume… well when actually in it and walking around New York city there is a higher chance than most places to meet people directly affected by 9/11. Felt a bit bad about that but we dress up as #monsters and #scary thing two things of which Osama bin Laden was to most in the west. Heard some wondering if it was ‘black Jesus’ or others asked what the costume was. All laughed upon finding out. The first person that kind of got it was a random guy who said “what’s up bin Laden?” as me and my friend (dressed as an excellent dr. Evil). walked by.

  • What was appropriated here in this costume if anything.
  • Does it matter that the people that thought black Jesus seemed to be some young foreign ‘white’ ladies, and that the one that kind of got it was a Black guy? Is adding ‘black’ to Jesus racist? The guy didn’t say black bin Laden.  Just something to ponder

moving on.


Watch this. It’s 5 minutes. You have the time.

Wrote this to comment to the Bill whittle video: Lovely! Mr. Whittle you truly are a gem. (And of course I mean a conflict free zone one. Oh and a non South African white run De Beers exploitation of blacks by employing them one… and not the female objectifying as a sign of purchase slavery that is marriage one…) I wonder how these people function in whatever capacity that they do. Surely hobbled me when I was trying o make sense of it. Wonderful that the world is as good as it is considering this. 

(His Facebook, his Youtube, his Website. Like it, subscribe to it and join it.)

Scandinavian Appropriation


Why is the United States of America and the NFL so insensitive? Look at this, there are sure to be Scandinavians protesting in the streets against cultural appropriation! I apologize on behalf of a Moss. Not as a fellow ‘black’ (yes, you are racist for thinking that) but as an ex-West Virginia located NCAA American football collegiate athlete.

If you are traveling to Scandinavia soon here is an exchange I had about the above image with a Swedish friend  may interest you.


I have the best friends, believe me.


Why not be 3 times as offensive?


Didn’t even notice the signs as I was so triggfended by the image.

  • Hungry? Thirsty? You know, quit body shaming, you are not! People have eating disorders and African children are starving
  • Will Strip? OK, why are you slut shaming and also self hating by perpetuating that any women actually will strip their cloths off for some agreed payment. This never happens. Ever.
  • “Cocaine is a Hell of a drug.” Why bring religion into this? What do drugs have to do with Hell.You insinuating religion is some sort of hallucination? How dare you question other peoples lived experiences!
  • Can’t read the rest of the signs well but one does say “Obama.”A as this is a white almost certainly talking about Obama’s black half.

Some schools are doing something about this though. Triggered Texas U. Issues Halloween Costume Guide for Greeks


Hope you had a good Halloween. Thank you for reading.

Keep it appropriately Un-PC 🙂


3 responses to “Appropriately Racist?

  1. Don’t know you well enough to know what’s humour or serious on this post, but I like your costume, and personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with these costumes. The last one, with the wealthy girls, is a bit rich – but money is the only real divider in my eyes, and likely that’s the only reason I think it’s a bit insensitive – but it’s not like they are making people homeless; unless, of course, their daddies have just laid a lot of people off…


    • Thanks for the readership. Cultures do share things and I have nothing against that. No one owns it.

      Insensitivity is a thing, but as with jokes you either have everything be valid (possibly considering come context) or have nothing valid to joke about.

      Personally if one of the dwindling real life KKK members dressed as Clayton Bigsby from Chappelle show by Blackfacing himself and wearing his actual KKK uniform, the costume would not offend me or be considered inappropriate or in need of any banning or policing. I would not even affected by his disagreeable racist thoughts. His action on that racism that physically affected me or others though, would be of concern.

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      • I am in complete agreement, we can’t ban things because we find them offensive, or not, but we don’t have to like stuff either. People today need to workout how to behave when they encounter things they don’t like – rather than waving their virtue flags and calling for the authorities to ban things.

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