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How much do you like this video?

Attended a Breitbart meetup and one Gavin McInnes attended. Didn’t want to be a fanboy so waited until he was leaving, approached him and shook his hand as he left. He was taller than I thought he’d be. In the above video, he interviews some people Prof. Jordan Peterson and Anne Coulter. Much admiration for the two.

Recently posted this to Twitter and likely through one of the founders of had Mike Cernovich re-tweet it.

Thas alotta re-tweets and likes .

We are the real world. What you say and do can affect actual reality. If you are reading, this evaluate your situation and think about if you can do more. You do not have to put your face or name onto it but there may be more things you can do.

Anonymity can be your friend.

Action may be your release.

People are listening.



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