Woman President

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 12.27.56.png
I…Just. Why? I need to curate my Instagram follows more. I am thankful of how much this election cycle has dropped pretenses. Many are now wearing their bigotries, ideologies and other thought patterns for all to see.

I wonder with some of these though. I try and regress back into identity politics. Never felt comfortable with them, but at times marvel at the…simplicity isn’t the best term, because I think it creates more issues than anything.

It’s a time preference thing right? For some a vote would require much more investment to choose. For example they would value 20 different factors each carrying different weight. For some voting is single issue whereas buying an outfit would be a 40 issue one. 
I walk in buy the pack of white t-shirts and leave. I also read and try and understand the proposed policies of political candidates.

Ramblings over

Ladies that are voting. Before you do, remember Hillary is female. Vote accordingly.


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