What is Left of the Media?


Exhibit A : Los Angeles Times


This above projection was by a supposed reputable news outlet. How could they be this wrong if they still have any actual value? If this is what you get most of your information from, you are right to be worried.


Exhibit B : The New York Times

This opinion piece from 2015 in The New York Times – The Trouble With ‘.Sucks.’

It may have been somewhat signaling the present. Here is a recent news site The New York Times Sucks

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 13.37.08.png


Some other titles to show just how hollowed out some sources have become.


Exhibit CNN : Clinton News Network

This is CNN : WikiLeaks exposes Hillary gets debate questions BEFORE debates; Brazile resigns

Expect much more.

The once trustworthy sources have shown themselves to be unworthy. Wikileaks did actual reporting. Taking information and giving it to the public for their consumption. Not much editorializing. Many expected these sources to report to them about politicians and found out that they were all to often reporting about them to politicians

Solution : Your Eyes, Ears and Fingers.

Find sources, question the biases and narratives. Take some time to learn more on your own.

If something matters it’s worth it.



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