Mirror-walled Echo Chamber

Out of the various reasons the main things that got Trump elected were Donald J Trump and those that voted for him. Let’s start with granting human beings the agency they have. I am seeing the media and others continue to flounder around for answers seemingly unable to see or hear outside their mirror walled echo chambers.

This narrative that ‘the media got him elected’ by being biased in polling, or covering him too much seems indicative of the same self important POV that led them to be so out of touch. May also be an attempt to pretend they still have that power they had before of putting people on, or cutting others down.

“Stopped being journalists over the last month”?

It’s been longer than a month.


Well but you can forgive if they get it finally right? Nope as a friend may say, RIP in Peace.

More from Morning Joe,

Joe Scarborough to co-host Mika Brzezinski “I’m certainly not defending Donald Trump here. I’m saying that Donald Trump, Mika, has been attacked more from more sides, I think, than any other president in U.S. history because he didn’t have a home team. Republicans were attacking him. Conservatives were attacking him. The ones that would usually defend him. Democrats were attacking him. Media was attacking him. He had Sean Hannity and Breitbart and whatever else versus the world.”

Mika mentions that it is a challenge for everyone to push the reset button. This is telling, the use of the word ‘everyone.’ Even with the two hosts of Morning Joe of whom I admittedly saw some inklings of the awareness of the lopsided and biased treatment during the run-up, this possibly unconscious choice of words could indicate knowing it is all the media sources she is aware of and partially trying to sperad the blame. It likely goes further than just her colleagues, what It shows may be that in her mirror-walled echo chamber she likely does not know associate with a single person that may have been right about Trump.

No Mika, there is no reset button. After what the was done by the media during this election cycle, well…Hillary gave it away literally even if she failed to figuratively.


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