Deliver me from Deepity : Russell Brand

A Deepity* is a superficial equivocation which only seems to be profound.

Russell Brand’s Utopian Socialist Delusion

Russel Brand is a Deepity Machine. How many would listen to him if he had a Sub-Saharan African or even American southern accent? Here is a short video by Dave Cullen on his Computing Forever  channel in which he rebuts Brands defense of socialism.

oh the projection at 11:10. This isn’t an argument but saying that the election seemed like a ludicrous, mad, surrealist puppet show whilst himself having the look, sound and mannerisms of a puppet I could imagine seeing at an actual puppet show advertised as ludicrous, mad and surrealist is notable.

The champagne socialists, pseudo intellectuals and others that espouse collectivism despite having benefited from the vestiges of free markets and capitalism that are surviving the boa-constrictor** coils of the omnipresent serpent that is the state are well known. Be they described as misguidedly harmless to a cancerous evil, the root causes of their delusions are plentiful.

I will propose one I have yet to hear, self-awareness.

A level of mostly sub-conscious self-realization that much of what their success, their fortunes, stem from fortunate circumstances outside their agency. They possess what they have, not as a result of pushing one’s own limits and overcoming them but by being a caricature of themselves. Personalities, rather than persons.

He is essentially just Russell Brand doing whatever he wants to do, as much as possible. Hired not for specific abilities or skills but because he is Russell Brand. You don’t want something done, or some one but the brand.

Brand and others like him may assume that it is this way for most people. Life as a personality may rob one of the sense of ownership of results bestowed by a hard days work. This could explain the prevalence of drug use and other addictive behaviors by this type of person. It is likely not calming to realize that you actually may just be a bit of a lucky git while so many other people claw through life for a fraction of what you derive your self worth from. Not only that but they somehow seem to have a wealth of pride and contentment with their comparatively meager results that outstrips yours in a ratio the same or more than your difference in monetary and physical riches.

Having stopped laughing at these kind a while ago, I still don’t feel sad for them.

Stop poisoning the well.

Thank you, Dave and thank you for reading.


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