This is the Mises Institute : The Economists

I am thankful for Ludwig Von Mises who was a theoretical Austrian School economist how it led to the establishment of the Mises Institute. They provide excellent material on how to try and make sense of the personal to global economics. For a layman such as myself it has been invaluable to have access to their resources such as their YouTube Channel : misesmedia, Website : Mises Institute and Wiki : Mises WIKI.

following are some quotes by James Rickards while he was a guest on  an episode of Mises Weekends hosted by Jeff Deist (president of the Mises Institute.)

“I think they have an intuition that somethings not right, there’s something wrong about how the Federal Reserve has handled this, the way other central banks have papered over the crisis, the lack of accountability. The lack of accountability, the fact that no banks failed, no one was held accountable. So I think they sense that something is wrong, even if they can’t exactly put it into words…”

That was/is me in many cases, unable to put certain things into words. Why does this matter?

“If an avalanche buries a skier it doesn’t care if the skiers a Republican or Democrat in other words it’s not about ideology of partisanship these are complex dynamic systems they do what they do. Earthquakes kill indiscriminately. Tsunamis kill indiscriminately and financial catastrophes will wipe out your savings in your wealth and indiscriminately.

It doesn’t care who’s president what parties in power So I’m not saying there’s nothing you can do about there are some policies you could implement tomorrow that would reduce the risk significantly.”

Video below. If busy bookmark it and make some time to watch it.

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