Going Low on the Highway

Here is  a Protestor getting hit as the group tries to block a highway. This is symbolic of the time in several ways

The Horsepower of Words

What power do the demonstrators attribute to words? I have proposed that words are often figuratively used rather than literally.  However as evidenced by their claims that they are protesting Trump because of words they attribute to him will result in negative and restrictive forces and actions, they l have a certain belief that literally words can affect people physically.

It may be stem from a sense of entitlement. Where simply saying or repeating things got others to do things the way they wanted it. Just the words themselves, not the context, content or taking an attempt to convince anyone. I think this is evidenced by them repeating it and saying it louder. They may think that all we need to do is say it so people hear it and they’ll just believe it. So don’t have a conversation or try to explain yourself,  just be loud.

Words alone can result in actions to an extent. And very often those actions can be ones you somehow control or are beneficial to you. They are not omnipotent though. They tested out that belief here it out here and many have found out that they can’t just stop cars, one gravely so.

Speedways and Roadblocks

Most society is like the highway and roads. People, often in small groups, compartmentalized in their existence going in a certain direction. Those coming onto the road symbolize obstructions to their path. If you are on a chosen path and have a goal if there is an obstruction coming up do you increase your speed and try and pass it or do you slow down and accept it?

If you’ve experienced it sometimes you make it through unscathed, sometimes you clip the barrier on your way. How much of this kind of challenge have those protestors had in their lives?

Leader of the Pack

Even when you take the lead in a movement you have the most risks. Trump has taken virtual cars to his-self during his presidential run. His is family, team and supporters have rallied around him and he weathered the blows and kept going. It is worth it for him and his example has led others to stand up in their lives despite possible social recrimination.

Have Trump, Clinton or that have recently stepped to the forefront emboldened you to take the lead or join a group? Have the repercussions those people have faced or something as direct as possibly getting hit by a car caused you to swear off from speaking up, standing out or marching for a cause?

What Have We Learned?

‘Education not Deportation.’ronpaul-education-rantatonne

Education is important. Those in the video are ostensibly ‘educated‘ people. Ostensibly as I am unsure of what kind of education would one posses to still be trying walk onto highways. A lack of education can be a fatal problem. Access to one is not a right, god-given or otherwise, but instead something earned through ones experience and effort.

A few things about the blocking of highways.

To begin with it is illegal. They do not care much for legality though or they would not object to deportation in their chants as that is also an agreed sentence that follows those found to be illegally residing in a country.

Next is the symbolism.

When a roadway is blocked, how many people actually know the specific reason for it? In general the few at the front will see it but the ones that are piled up in the jam behind, will just know the inconvenience of the stoppage. No matter how virtuous or valid it may be frustration will likely set in and some eventually will just choose a different path.

This phenomena is present with the demonstrators, how many actually will know what happened at the scene, let alone an accurate understanding of why they are rioting. They may just show and think someone unjustly hit this person and escalate to more destructive violence. You can argue that they did unjustly hit the person, but it is a highway. The person(s) in that vehicle also had a right to go wherever it is they were going. The ones walking onto the road were illegal aliens on the road and the vehicles legal.

Information Highway

This is the main takeaway I have. The ability to share information is powering this paradigm shift. The demonstrators are counting on being filmed and having their message go further than the few cars in the front of the traffic jam. Sharing of information may also have informed those in the cars that if they didn’t speed up they were likely to be stopped, harassed and possibly attacked by these ‘peaceful protestors.’

Many such as myself hope that videos like this can be broadcast and may reduce the frequency of people taking such unwise actions as walking into the streets if you thought I meant unwise to slow down and not hit them… I think the internet will also be the tool to give valuable educations to people. You won’t need to shepherd people into overpriced campuses or even have others illegally enter locations to get educations. Just devise ways to get the information to everyone as close to where they are in a cheap a way as possible

This isn’t for everyone.

I doubt most protestors don’t have access to the internet and it’s nigh infinite information. Hell this was likely filmed on a device that could have actually educated them instead of captured their lack there of one.

Thank you for reading. May the annoyance not lay as heavy on you as it is with me.

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