I See Good Things : MAGA edition

Latest installment of the I See Good Things where I share interesting things I’ve found.

How To Explain Donald Trump To Children

This is what practical philosophy sounds like.

Even if you think you get it give it a listen. If you care to explain it to anyone in your life, Please listen and or share.

#TRUMPTrain to #MAGAland

This edition and likely a few will focus on some of the Memes and other material surrounding the USA election. If you have had enough of it for now, feel free to skip the MAGA titled parts of the series.

If you like I, have been salt-mining and wondering when the deluge of progressive tears will end or the Media and other supporters come to terms with reality…



This was from the Bill Whittle whom is not new to this blog or series.

A bit of an odd thing is that they are displaying a sort of privilege that comes form predominantly and historically white societies. Both through the generated wealth that results in not dying from lack of work and the relative expectation of not dying from daring to protest.


Turrrble. Utterly deplorable.

God Emperor Trump page is a veritable treasure trove of Memes (iStill no outright denial that Baron Trump is the administrator, he is good with the cyber you know). Check them out.

I saw this tweet, “Misogyny trumps racism. Every time. Every race is threatened by strong women. An orange donkey can beat the most qualified woman in world.” I re-tweeted it with the message below.

The person who wrote the original re-tweeted me :/ My attempt at sarcasm ended up being an example of Poe’s Law.



Main Stream Media is done. It’s like the mortally wounded reporting on the terminally ill.


Some were shocked, some were not since they themselves had been silently watching and new many others that were.

Top comment on the video is as follows:

You know the fact that a lot of Trump supporters, especially minorities, are coming out saying they were part of the “underground Trump supporters”, is a tragedy, and wrong. People should be able to have political opinions without public fear. On all sides.

Though some people were surprised by Trump, others have been silently watching and suspected or knew many others that were. Your excellent comment just adds to the proof of this. Paradigm shift continues, #TrumpTrain to #MAGAland is just currently the main feature running on the screens.

Now to end it off, ladies and gentlemen, Your betters in the media.


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