Yale Slavery Protest

Saw this video from MILO : Yale Student Dresses As Shackled Slave To Protest Trump Election

Here are some thoughts.

There may be some unintentional but telling signs here.

The collar is loose. It can be taken off as one pleases which is quite similar to the victim narrative he is ostensibly protesting.

The chain is not connected to anything. This is indicative of how the narrative really does not limit ones movement unless they one adorned in it limits themselves. There is also the indication of how the arguments and basis for their grievances usually trails off into nothingness after you follow it for  a few links.

What he is wearing. Instead of going fully into the slavery outfit the slacks and dress shoes are indicative of a white-collar life. Likely the class or background that many of these protestors are in. They step between this narrative and their upper middle-class or higher lives. Anything below that life would be considered slavery to them. Unacceptable.

The interactions. Slaves did not have the ind of freedom displayed here. Hugs, notes, smiles, handshakes? Are fist-bumps and the like general greetings now or is there a bit of a ‘I see you ethnic-bro here are my greetings’? It shows the virtue signalling in effect. The way people engage him is rather surface level. Not much actually done

I’ve lived in Kenya. I can assume that in most of sub-Saharan Africa, this individual would not be considered black. What is it with people in the States and this one drop = black rule thing? That’s on some regressive racist nonsense.

56,682,202 Americans own you? Slavery was very limited in scope. The number of owners was vastly outstripped by the slaves. Yet another part of how inappropriate a protest it is. It does call into question how he proposes that governments work. Had she won, would Hillary voters be owners of others?  Are Obama voters currently  owners? I do believe they actually did view their candidate winning being a sort of mandate to own other folks.

Anyway, this is Yale. This is Ivy league, the source of elites.

Your betters.



8 responses to “Yale Slavery Protest

  1. You’re analysis is very weak.

    All you do is mock the skin color of the protestor and that he is from an Ivy League.

    You never mention once Calhoun, the reason for the protest. I get the feeling you don’t even know anything about him and why they are protesting.

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to change the name of a college if the college was named after one of the worlds most ardent defender of slavery.
    Read up on him

    Why do you disagree?


    • Thank you for your comment.

      Analysis was not meant to be in-depth.

      “All you do…” Why use these words? Did not even mock it just made the observation that in my experience being half or anything else not ‘black’ then you are mostly considered mixed in Kenya but here it’s black. For example Pres O. Why is he a black president?

      The building was named after Calhoun and not the entire college. If it was an entire college then don’t attend it. If the school no longer supports slavery then I care little about the names. Again “one of the worlds most ardent defender of slavery.” I do not know how you would come to this estimation. If not then again unsure why there is a need for hyperbolic terms. Shall add another possible tell associated to this.

      Yes I have never met this young man in the video. From the sign and likely his own declaration the protest was in general about the Presidential election, but likely has many other reasons. When one protests or does other actions, others can then take them and interpret them. Just as I wrote this post and you interpreted it in your own way of it being shallow and mostly mocking. As I am the actor in this case then it would be upon me to be best understood by you if that was my intention. Same would be the case of the young man protesting.


  2. >The building was named after Calhoun and not the entire college

    No, It’s called Calhoun College.

    I agree that the text below is silly and wildly inflammatory. That being said I agree that the name should be changed.

    Calhoun was undoubtedly the biggest supporter of slavery in the early years of the republic as he was the leader of the pro-slavery faction of the senate and the only senator ever to not defend slavery as a “lesser evil” but as a “positive good” as argued in his famous senate speech in February 6, 1837.

    I personally think it would be better to name it after some other notable alumni or simply another Vice President


    • Thank you once again. I see what you mean. It is a part of the colleges that make up Yale University (which was my focus). Would a name change be sufficient in your opinion or would they have to repudiate him, and possibly members of the Democratic party at the time?

      This is an interesting part from one of his defenses of slavery as a necessary evil. “I hold then, that there never has yet existed a wealthy and civilized society in which one portion of the community did not, in point of fact, live on the labor of the other.” What are your thoughts on this? Does it have any application to taxation and public services?


      • Just changing the name is enough I believe. Just dissociating from the man that way.

        What are my thoughts on the comment of a necessary evil? Slavery is quite obviously an abomination.

        Comparing it to public services and taxation is a stretch of astronomical portions. You reap the benefits of society, you pay your share. No crimes against humanity there.

        If you are comparing the two, I assume you believe in a sort of an anarcho capitalism ideology


  3. What makes slavery abhorrent? As in if someone could enter the same work to remuneration agreement willingly would you consider it abhorrent? (Was your focus only in chattel slavery by capture, kidnap and force etc but not ones where peopethat may think they’d starve would sell themselves or children into it. Or situations where someone would buy family members or friends to get them away from other owners etc)

    I do not understand what you mean by fair share or have any clue how one would come up with the figure or who you would consider virtuous enough to do it. I’ve seen figures that state 10% pay at least 50%?of income tax and 25 or so none. That may not be fair but let’s go with illegals or others not paying any taxes. Should they me prevented from access to all tax funded utilities? Are they enslaving the rest? Wondering how this protestor can liken his situation to slavery and have others defend the comparison.

    Anarchi capitalism isn’t really a belief, this likens it to religions which I consider somewhat disingenuous and dismissive . (Could just be your choice of words and if it is apologies for the assumption) it does however map on quite well to the Non Agression Principle of which i try to live life by.


  4. >What makes slavery abhorrent?

    Forcing someone against their will to work without any payment

    Income tax is necessary for society to function.

    The protester isn’t likening his situation to that of a slave. He is just attacking the university for celebrating a staunch supporter of slavery


  5. Ok. Thanks for the response. That is a claim about income tax is not supported by reality. You may mean tax in general as income taxes are already not paid by many. Children are not your slave masters but they live from your work and resource provision. Slaves received payment. Even outside the lodging and clothing provided (as dismal as that often was.) Pretty sure some even enough to buy their freedom. So the key element is likely the force and garnering of wages.

    I think you are taking some liberties at the protestors intentions and ignoring things I have said and that the protestor stated? Did it have nothing at all to do with the election? Should the democrat party strike out all names of any that supported slavery?


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