Detrimentally Cultural

This woman posted this video herself.

This is painful that one can behave this way  in front of their grand kids. Is this indicative of the entire community? No. It isn’t due to skin or finances. It is culture, personal choices, kind of parenting.

I can’t think of one of my Grandmothers (rest their souls) ever behaving in this manner in public let alone privately. Not saying they were perfect but this is some despicable behavior.

Saying ma’am and sir does not make your behavior less horrific. Then she talks about calling her Husband. These type of people, the kind of woman that would get you killed or send others to kill are not worth dying for.

Anyway below is a video by Tommy Sotomayor. He has content that is very critical of tomfoolery and other shenanigans. Has led him to be reviled by many purveyors, defenders and participants of ‘hood’ and other regressive cultures.

Good comment below.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 18.44.14.png

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