Over When it’s Over

This is a fantastic video.

From Loop : Carribean Local News : VIDEO: T&T’s Tonya Nero wins Barbados 10K in surprise finish

Nero won the Colombian Emeralds International 10K over the weekend, nabbing first place in a last-minute dash which caught fellow runners Natasha Wodak and Lanni Marchant by surprise at the last moment.

Marchant doubled at the Olympics running the 10,000m and marathon in Rio while Wodak too contested the 10,000m at the 2016 Games in August.

To their surprise, Trinidad and Tobago’s Tonya Nero nipped both of them at the line as the three ran times between 36:36 and 36:37.

Sporting competitions have many allegories for life. In this case it can show how even with preparation and effort; even with the good sportsmanship to share your victories with others, you can still get beaten fairly and squarely.

Others are involved in similar pursuits as you. Others are on their own grind. They may work harder, have different or even comparatively better chances and resources. These and other things that may be far from your control.

Today I shall think of this video and put it upon myself to work through to the finish on all I choose to do, to the best of my effort.

Got ’til it’s Gone.


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