What did the Socialist Wish for Christmas?



The grift that keeps taking

Can you imagine what Christmas would be like under Socialism? Don’t really have to imagine, take a look at Venezuela. If one can even get Santa some milk and cookies, if he ever needs to stop to relieve himself, he would struggle to find toilet paper.

This is even assuming that you are allowed to buy gifts on your own. Would there be a central office of holidays that picks who gets what? Again we see the true gift that keeps giving that is private industry and markets. Bitcoin, a popular form of cryptocurrency, has recently began stepping in to help where socialist policies and fiat currency have failed.

As evidenced by this article from Cryptocoins News : Bitcoin May Be Preferred to Venezuelan Bolivar’s 140% Inflation, this was foreshadowed by some that have been following the crisis in Venezuela and are familiar with crypt-currencies. I have yet to find a solid explanation of how Socialism does not evolve into Communism.

I am grateful to be beyond the time when disasters seemed to suddenly occur. We have the access ti information to see how they tend to happen in a horrifically meticulous manner.

We also have the means to prevent them.

Shall end add this related video which is a great talk (as usual) from Mises Weekend.

From the Video description :

The western media’s fawning treatment of Fidel Castro demonstrates the enduring mystique of socialism– while recent Harvard and Rasmussen polls suggest that perhaps half of young Americans hold unfavorable attitudes toward capitalism. No matter how many millions perish in collectivist bloodbaths, the Left remains committed to its ideology of radical egalitarianism and enamored of murderous revolutionary figures like Che Guevara.

Our great friend Yuri Maltsev, a victim of Soviet totalitarianism in his youth, joins us to explain how and why westerners still don’t understand what socialism really means. He recounts his many trips to Cuba, and demolishes the myths surrounding that country’s vaunted “healthcare” and “education” systems. He explains how socialism actually produces a superclass of elites and a form of socio-economic apartheid, rather than egalitarian nirvana. And he reminds us that the romantic vision held by western elites is best defeated by those who have lived through the ravages of collectivism firsthand.


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