Relative Relatability of Convenient Lies

I have come a long way from my general dislike if not antagonism towards theologies, let alone religious thought. It personally has been a challenging and sometimes damaging time trying to make sense of what is an irrational belief system. Faith by definition, requires on to do away with facts and proof.

In my experience it has been a painful road away from it. I attended a Catholic Elementary school and later a Presbyterian church, but never identified as anything but general Christian.

I searched more about religions both in person and taking a comparative religion course in high school. The information I found was intriguing, such as Buddhism being mpre of a guide or ideology than a theology as there are no actual gods to speak of, or the general patterns shared in many creation stories and structures. This led to being spiritual and eventually agnostic, yet still going through some of the motions of Christianity.

When I began college this was one of the core issues that had been bothering me. If X is all powerful, knows all and is good, then everything that happens under X happens under their knowledge, with their sanction and is good. If one thing is outside this definition then X cannot be all powerful, all knowing or purely good. Replace X for any god you can think of or for any state as statism, which many atheists gravitate to, is a religion that is quite more dangerous and influential than any other in existence today. This was part of the beginning of the end of life as a believer.

Through the process of atheism (don’t believe), anti-theist (actively against -belief) to apatheist (don’t care to discuss either or), I did bare some smoldering anger towards religion and the people that subjected me to it.

I have found that most of the positives did come despite the negatives and could likely be achieved and imparted through other means, without the harmful, fantastical aspects of it. I do have some lingering bias against religion but am able to now better look past ideology and analyze the topics being discussed. 2+2 is still 4 even if you claim the answer came from a pixie living  on your toe.

Today the most fitting definition for me would be areligious. I have found that morality, knowledge and guidance (which most are looking for in religions) can be found through philosophy and self knowledge. Arguably these are the only ways to actually find the true virtues in life.

Shall end with one more example. I used to smoke but have quit. I did it in hopes of addressing and/or suppressing certain issues that it could not. Some religions comparative to vaping once a week. Some are practically smoking multiple packs of cigarettes a day, adding some Hookah drags after lunch, a morning and night cigar, with an occasional pipe to celebrate the smoking of things. Both are things I do not do and would advise others against, but they are not all equally distasteful or harmful.


This somewhat rambling post is to introduce the video below. I could relate to in various ways. Be you a believer or not, please give it your time.  Philosopher Stefan Molyneux answers this question : “After watching your video titled ‘Evidence for God?’, I reached a dilemma that I cannot solve. I am considering the possibly that there are some truths that are better left unknown. I have come to believe that atheism by itself is legitimate, however I fear for a world full of atheists because vanity and arrogance can so easily take over when one rejects the notion of a divine supervisor. With the liability inherent in atheism, how do I reconcile truth with morality?”


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