Universal Abortion

Pregnancy and abortion are issues where some continue to deny  the agency of women.

Notice I said woman here and not girl or female in general. I am going to be mostly focusing on the majority of pregnancies subject to abortion that are resultant of a willing adult humans engaging in sexual intercourse and opting out from using the various forms of contraceptive prior to, during or soon after said act. By adult I mean as in a human that has achieved both age and mental state to have agency over their actions.

There is an argument that if you want abortions to be illegal or have limits, (such as the recent ruling in Ohio where it is banned after a heartbeat can be found in the little human developing in the womb) then you should advocate for or provide financial and other support for the child. Or be willing to adopt if the woman does not want to keep the child.

I disagree.

First : One of the main issues for those supporting such a ban is to protect the life of the developing human. That life if protected may once eventually become a woman. I have yet to look a the law but there are likely considerations for the minority of cases that involve forced intercourse leading to pregnancies and complications during the gestation that could endanger the life of the female or child.

Second : The abdication of agency. When abortion is discussed as an issue involving only a female during the 9 months of her pregnancy a disservice is done to her and others involved. Again in majority of situations those claiming it is a woman’s choice will ignore her being held responsible for all her actions leading to/and becoming pregnant.*

Third : Abortion is not solely a woman’s issue, it is at least an issue involving two lives. It also directly or indirectly involves at least 3 including the sperm donor and more when you factor in extended relations, families, medical professionals, community etc. Even if entirely legal who of these affected parties has a say in whether or not it is done.

Fourth : Any argument that involves supporting rights of a weak, unprotected female would apply to the developing child. Saying the woman’s need of protection s higher, in a majority of cases would be tantamount to stating that being a grown autonomous female lacks less power and agency than a fetus.

Fifth : Religious aspect. Yes, some that believe it to be a murder, get this from their religious doctrines. Some like myself get it from not being able to identify a point where after conception when It is not considered human then something changes to make it a life.

Conclusion : If a woman is capable of deciding what to do with her body she was also capable of deciding whether or not to partake in the actions leading to the intercourse that led to her sharing a body with someone else.This is where the main denial of agency lies. In the vast majority of cases that are not rapes, incest or other force and are not involving pregnancies with serious complications to either or all lives involved, why Is she given ability to choose during the 9 months but none before and in general after.

Yes. Having sexual intercourse is consenting to possibly create another life.

I ask this question of those that support little to no restrictions on abortions. If abortions were 100% legal and universally available at any time during the pregnancy, and the male involved or the state offered to pay for the procedure, would they support them being free from providing any support financial or otherwise to the woman if she chose to carry the pregnancy out through to birth?


13 weeks

  • May be with John the Other on this 3rd side of the debate. Though in general the act sickens me. :::The less men are involved, the better. Once we understand that men don’t “get women pregnant” – and that in fact – women get themselves pregnant ( they make the choices, they have the rights ) we can add a third side to the reproductive rights debate:::

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