Racial Purity


I doubt the average child in the United States of America will be this way if current trends continue. 2050 isn’t that far away…Though with the continuing paradigm shift who knows. This has been a topic of late with claims of white nationalism being on the rise as a racist movement to black separatist groups calling for their own nations. 

What is race, how do you define a pure or mixed race person?

Outgoing USA president Obama is considered black by many as are his children. I consider all of them to be of mixed race(which i once naively thought would have been played up more as a sign of  what USA was). Would it have been a better fit for them If he had coupled with another child of mixed race? Would it have to have been of sub-saharan African and European ethnicity, or could a half Indonesian and European like his half sister, suffice, especially considering the time he spent being raised in Indonesia?

Within European national boundaries there are several differences in genetics between peoples. Should Scandinavians stay pure and avoid Greeks? Should the Irish be away form the Scots? Where exactly on the Eurasian landmass does the race change from Caucasian to Asian or Arab? Depending on how one defines the term there are as few as 3 races to upwards of 30. What defines purity in any case is somehtign many are unable to define, assuming there is such a thing.


The challenges for interracial couples are myriad a big one is culture, and often distance form a family support structure. Now if a 3 generational West-African American and a 3 generational German American who were raised in small town USA got together and married in that small town, would it somehow be racially more beneficial for them to go to Germany or Africa to find a partner of similar skin pigmentation?

In addition, we know that getting someone genetically as close to you is not the best, as in even those advocating against racial mixing are not calling for Incest. This knowledge is shared by more traditionally tribal societies, for example in my experience with the 42 tribes of Kenya, there are steps made to prevent incest yet remain relatively within your tribe.

Some of these methods include how one is to go villages away to find a mate. When the marriage is completed the female (in my experience) leaves her home and becomes part of the other clan. The families also keep their ties for several reasons including likely avoiding some cousin marriages. I could be wrong about many of these things as I am not saying this due to study, but mostly observation and  speculation.

I do not deny that there are certain cultural behavior that fits to racial groups. However is it likely that a native Fijian, Catholic from a large, tight-knit family would be a better partner for a child for a New Zealander of European ancestry with similar religious and familial upbringing, than someone that is from an abusive single parent household that was raised by an ardent anti-theist? No matter what genetic similarities evolution has led them to physically display.

What defines tribe, how much of that is by genetics and how much is by behavior, customs, values, language,intelligence etc?


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