It Burns : Schools, Refugees and BLM

Here are three separate occasions of arson. Read through and then i’ll share some thoughts.

Swedish School Fires

Euphemism for Terror: The police suspect arson

Yesterday’s school burning in Sweden. On average one and a half per day. Most don’t end up as bad as this, but the terror has its effect. There is not a teacher nor student in the country that doesn’t know that his school can be gone the next day. We call it terror regardless of who it is that does it. In the newspaper, the phrasing is usually something like, “the police suspect that arson[“]. We suspect it as well. Over 500 schools don’t spontaneously ignite.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Torch French Town

Multiple Black Lives Matter protesters have been arrested in France after demonstrations against the death of a Malian man in police custody left Beaumont-sur-Oise and other nearby towns in flames. Of those arrested, some are being charged with throwing incendiary objects at security forces and others for “trying to burn down” their towns.

Now on to a spate of School burning’s in across Kenya in mid 2016.

School chiefs feud as the dorms burn.


by July 28 it was 109 schools, making it the worst season. Season indicates that this is a recurring thing, not a flash-fire of sorts.

Arson is a clear common thread, but what else is there?

It isn’t age, as this covers kids and even if allowing for the dubious claim of number of migrant children flooding into Europe, the coverage of that level of destruction included people of at least adult age.

Is it a racial thing? No. This is Scandinavians and sub-Saharan Africans in origin. Some of those in the French arson’s may have been born in France, though being culturally integrated is another question. So is that it, the culture-clash?


Principals meed education chiefs. Are the students concerns being heard? Should they be?

No. The Swedish and Kenyan children are both ostensibly in their home cultures and still chose arson. Those in France in some cases left their home cultures and have now adopted the cause of Black Lives Matter which is arguably rather alien to them (I’d go as far to say to BLM generally alien to reality but have written about that elsewhere*)

There is something to be gleaned about this. Even though they moved to a place they thought would be better than where they left, they arrived and have found something they dislike.

They are in general in places that do not quite fit their needs, so they lash out in a way they think will work.

When the adults do it some say, ‘surely it isn’t the poor oppressed rioters  who have to adjust, but something in society that made them do it’. When it comes to children we must catch ourselves from the opposite of just dismissing what may far more justly be a situation calling for protest.

Discussing the Kenyan arson with a cousin of mine, in reference to a nephew who was in one of the boarding schools, she assured that there was no way he would take part in this. I did not have reason to doubt that claim but asked if she had thoughts of the general cause of why anyone would.

The unnatural, unexpectedly disappointing and futile state of schools is frightful. They are not a conducive environment for learning or for any growth of minds, let alone the young energetic kind.

We don’t intentionally destroy what we like.

My cousin said but don’t children like schools? They spend so much time there and all. In answering I asked why would they burn them if they did? They don’t come home on vacation and burn that.

Ramble rant over. Ive had experiences both as a student and a teacher in the Kenyan school system and well… they have helped reinforce my plan to home school any children I may be lucky to have. Shall post more on the topic, here is one more headline with some observations below.


They came to a hypothesis that this was about Examinations and are now Teachers are seeking more powers to discipline students. Yes, that’ll do it. Beat and yell at the children more. The fires shall continue.

Not surprised people in charge of an environment where children struggle to learn are themselves unable to learn. Children absolutely love learning. Most adults do as well. There may be nothing more frustrating than expecting new information only to be met with the anti-thought that passes for education.

“A report by secondary school head teachers cites political interference, parents abdicating role, drug abuse and a law lenient on minors among causes of unrest.” Yeah, the teachers and schools have them for majority of the year but its the little amount of time with parents that makes them want to burn things. This isn’t to say parents shouldn’t be held responsible for life choices that send their kids to certain schools, but where do the teachers claim responsibility. Are they advocating parents should also not abdicate the role of teaching? Are they pro home school or against politically generated funding, testing or mandatory attendance? Doubt it.

*Part of my writing on Black Lives Matter

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